Joy is coming, our D-litter is on the way...

We are happy happy happy...
In this sad time, where fear, insecurity and uncertainty arise, also beautiful and very happy moments are coming along. Today's ultrasound of our Dhakiya has put a smile on our faces again. 
At the end of April, we can look forward to our big D-litter. We are happy that the connection between Dhakiya and Lewis worked out so well. 
I will report about Dhakiyas gestation period with pleasure. Thanks you all, who have supported us and are having their fingers crossed for us.
Leonie, I am so happy about our connection and about what is coming in the near future. Soon, we will sit together in the whelping box and will be happy about our puppies. 

Litter Planning Spring 2020

i proudly present

Life is like a box of chocolates 
Sometimes you have to change your mind for the good of our companions in order to reach a new goal.  Our new destination are the descendants of Taonga Dhakiya Buniwa of Mashona & Njia Jamaa Grand Lewis from the Netherlands. Lewis lives together with one male and 2 children in his family. He is a wonderful companion and inspires with his friendly and lively nature all who meet him. He is besides his beautiful appearance, healthy in every respect. From this very beautiful combination I hope for bone-strong, healthy and beautiful offspring in the standard. Thank you dear Leonie and Jacco for your trust in Dhakiya and me.


Honeymoon in the Netherlands

After a rapidly rise in progesterone levels, we set off to visit Lewis and his family in Zwolle. Our trip lasted 10 hours but we were all rewarded for that. Dhakiya and Lewis spent 3 intimate days and hours. Also we came at our expense. Besides wonderful walks, an ice sculpture exhibition and a visit to the old town of Zwolle we had a great time. Now we have to practice patience and cross our fingers if our mating will bear fruit. A big thank you goes to Leonie and her family, who welcomed and spoiled us most heartily. Thank you also dear Zuzana for your company and support. Our Dhakiya enjoys spending time with us. Thank you also to all those who are in the background and are as happy and excited as we are. In 4 weeks we will report again ....

Dhakiya & Lewis by Leonie Huitema