The Valais in our beautiful Switzerland.....

Three breathtaking days are behind us. Days in which culinary, hiking in a fascinating mountain scenery and cultivated friendship were not to be missed. Laetizia & Christophe, Mashona Ayira & Merigals Rayya, the best hosts ever. On Friday evening we went to a private chocolate course in the confectionery Moreillon a craft that needs to be learned. With a lot of patience Laetizia showed me what was waiting for her every day. A composition of sweet brown temptation. In the evening then wonderful Valais Raclette and afterwards off to bed and rested into the next day

Excursion to the reservoir.........
The weather was changeable and a bit rainy, but no problem for us. Equipped with everything we went out. The dogs enjoyed the landscape, partly still with snow and cool 9 C. Very interesting were the emergence of the many strengthened marmots which communicated to the joy of our RR by warn whistles. 
After the unique nature experience we returned home tired and very satisfied and relaxed a little in our own Jacusi. 

Le Lac Bleu..... (The Blue Lake)

For me a magical and breathtaking place full of beauty and silence. On the way there however only once thePyramides d' Euseigne a wonder of nature that's hard to believe.
After an almost vertical climb of almost 40 minutes, the Highlight: a crystal clear lake, which turns blue towards the middle. A grandiose natural spectacle to which we lingered for a long time. Our brown ones behaved exemplary, were the attraction, could be stroked, photographed and simply enjoyed the mountain panorama with us. After a long way back, good food and many moments of happiness we made our way home.

My Valais Mashona family, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for these wonderful 3 days. It is always so nice to spend time with you, to laugh, talk shop and simply to feel the close connection between dog and man.


Successful at the IHA Aarau

After our baby break we get a whiff of exhibition air again.
On Saturday Taonga Dhakiya Buniwa of Mashona was awarded V1 CAC and res. CACIB. What was very special was that Dhakiya and her daughter Mashona Amira Jendayi started in the same class and ran together. Amira prevailed and secured herself a V3. Well done!

IHA Aarau 2 day Fotos Thomas Kramer

On Sunday not only we experienced a lot, but 4 babies from the Mashona B litter were allowed to sniff the air of an exhibition for the first time. I am so proud of the little ones who mastered it with flying colors.
Dhakiya and Amira entered the 2 phase of the exhibition. At general judge Mr. Nemanja (SR) Dhakiya achieved a V4 and Amira took the lead with V 1 CAC, CACIB and finally BOS. I am so proud of my offspring.
It was quite a nice, funny and exciting day. Many thanks to all who have been with us. It was also very nice to have met old and new friends and my special thanks go to my Mel who is always faithfully at my side and thanks to everyone who visited us at the weekend at the show.

Meeting at the river.....

Under the expert eyes of Thomas Kramer our 3 beauties posed in front of the camera. It was a pleasure to work with you, dear Thomas, and I hope to be able to go on photo tours with you more often.

Fotos copyright Thomas Kramer

Mashona Bakari Zubayda

Mashona Ayira Jendayi

Mashona Aminali Jendayi

Farewell of the 12 Mashona Zubayda under B litter

Mashona Adebayo Jendayi

What a fantastic male. Born in the A litter in my Kennel. He has become a confident and handsome male. Thank you Celine, you have made of him what he is now. We look forward to the September 2018 where we try with Ayo the next step into breeding program

First Mashona female in the breedind Programm in Germany

Joy, pride and gratitude......

What can make a breeder happier than to follow the development of the offspring and see how a small, confident puppy becomes beautiful, strong in character and a pedigree standard bitch.

D JCH Mashona Amira Jendayi, daughter of Taonga Dhakiya Buniwa of Mashona & MCH Baka Baraka Kavango River, passed the breed approval test of the DZRR with flying colours under the expert eyes of breed specialist B. Seibel on April 14th. 

Dear Anja, I thank you from my heart that you have brought Amira sovereign through the test. Once again, you showed that you are not only a good team in the ring but also on the exam place. 

Thank you Antje and Günther very much for offering Amira such a beautiful and sheltered life. For everything else that follows now and in the future I wish you all the best. 

My beautiful 12 Mashona Zubayda's

Happy birthday to my Mashona   Jendayi' s

A lot of News below Litter,   B-Litter 2018

Two years ago today you all gave me a very happy moment in my life. In these two years, you have grown into unique personalities and I don't want to miss any of you treasures. Celebrate, let yourself be spoiled and step on it and have fun today. You earned it. I think of each one of you today and send you a big kiss......


B- Litter planing Spring 2018

The wait is finally over....

I am overjoyed and welcome our Mashona Zubayda B-litter!

Today 15.January 2018 , 12 little miracles were born. Dhakiya has mastered her birth calmly and confidently. We are very happy about 6/6 small Ridgies who will make many people happy from today on.


I say thank you to my world best midwives team, that this time - including myself - was put on a ordeal with never ending hours of waiting and observation.


Thanks also to the best Vet Team Godenzi in Schaffhausen and, above all, my new puppy parents who have always cheered and who can hardly wait to bring their little Mashona Zubayda home.


Now we are looking forward to a beautiful, fulfilled puppy time. Pictures and reports will always be published under "B-litter" on the Mashona website and on Baka's webside



I am overjoyed and more than thankful!

Warm congratulations Chidima

Irina sammut make a wonderful collage from my Taonga Dhakiya Buniwa of Mashona

All News about the B-Litter under Litter B-2018

Thoughts on Christmas

It is almost the end of the year and a very eventful and emotional time lies behind me. I am thankful, I was allowed to participate in the development of my little Mashona's Jendayi's into beautiful, healthy personalities. I appreciate and am very grateful for the friendship and our connection between us human beings. I am looking forward to our future together and I am very much looking forward to what we can experience together. 

But also the sadness was very widespread in my life and twice in a row. Farewell Papa and Usoni, the grief for your final journey is almost unbearable and it takes a lot of time to cope with your loss.

Now is Christmas and a new exciting year starts soon. I am looking forward to welcoming my B-litter shortly and am very grateful to all my dear ones, who support me in many situations in my life unconditionally with their friendship.
I wish you all a wonderful peaceful and blessed Christmas and only the best for the new year 2018.
Warmest, Anabel

Taonga Dhakiya Buniwa of Mashona

A wonderful secret is revealed

What I have long suspected has now been confirmed. The intimate and strong connection between Dhakiya and Baka is bearing fruit. We can all hope for a healthy and beautiful litter who will see the light of day around the 16th of January 2018.

I am very happy!
Yours, Anabel

A castle and its history

A good read, exciting, interesting and funny .......

Chamena, Bukuru's beautiful daughter, grew up in a castle in the Carantene and supplied, among other castle episodes, wonderful other stories that Sonja then wrote down. These beautifully written stories became a wonderful book. Thank you Sonja, despite the distance I could follow Chamena's castle life.

Mashona Amira Jendayi goes online

With joy and pride I may today point to a new and interesting homepage
My offspring bitch Amira is now online and I am happy and grateful to continue reading news of this promising bitch!

An exciting journey....

Wedding in Umkirch

Exciting, thrilling and heartfelt days are behind us. After Dhakiya moved her heat forward by one month in this wonderful autumn, the last few days, we were allowed to visit her champion of her heart, Baka Baraka Kavango River. 
What was so harmonious 2 years ago was topped this time. All we can say is that:
She came, he saw, and both won. 
The mating was so fast that we didn't even have time to make ourselves comfortable with coffee. This combination of Dhakiya and Baka is such a heartfelt and cordial experience and above all so familiar that we can hardly wait to see the result in 4 weeks on a b/w picture.
Dear July and Manuel, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your trust and for having received your Baka again for our B-litter. Zuzana and Rolf, I thank for this exceptional bitch and that you, Zuzana, always help me with everything that concerns her.
Many thanks to all the others, especially my future puppy parents, for your confidence in us and Dhakiya & Baka.

The Mashona's and the weather god

The second meeting of the offspring was planned and again we had the pleasure to travel to Central Switzerland. Alexandra & Thomas with Akello outdid themselves once again that our meeting remains unforgettable. After a stormy greeting of 4 and 2 legs, we first strengthened ourselves with a rich breakfast. We all didn't know what to expect. Then we went to the canton of Uri to a beautiful place by the lake, nature reserve and lots of wind, storm and rain. A hardening test for humans and animals. After the walk we had a wonderful break and were served deliciously and princely with game dishes and other dishes from the canton of Uri. We chatted and talked and our four-legged friends enjoyed being together. Just wonderfully, the bond and friendship of the Mashona's. We closed the day with coffee and cake. It was a beautiful day, but due to the weather conditions it also brought us to our limits. Central Switzerland we will be back again.......   

Quietly you have gone on your last journey. The pain and sadness you leave behind, I can't put into words.

In 2005 you came into our life and filled it with your love, joy and will power. You've had hard times to survive through your heavy OCD, but you've never lost your courage. You have always represented our pack with joy in a sovereign manner. No matter who came or went, you always showed them how to go on. Also, when visitors logged in, you were always friendly but decisive.

Now it has become quiet and I can look back on a life of gratitude with you. You were my rock in the surf, my ship that brought me safely back to my harbour in a storm and a true Ridgeback character. For almost 12 years I had you by my side, years in which you showed me a lot and taught me.

Usoni, I thank you from the bottom of my heart I was allowed to accompany you on a part of your way. I will always carry you in my heart. Run free, my friend, my love for you is boundless.....

The health of the Mashona' s

I am overjoyed and very proud to be able to report further x-ray results of my offspring:


Mashona Adebayo:      HD A bds, OCD/ED free
Mashona Amira:          HD A bds, OCD/ED free
Mashona Armani:        HD A bds, OCD/ED free
I am very grateful to every single owner that he is as interested in the welfare of his healthy dog as I am.

The Mashona's and the health check

With joy I may proclaim that the health check of Mashona Aminali Jendayi was all negative, i.e. HD A bds, OCD & ED free and LSG is not found. We are glad and happy! Further results from other Mashona offspring will follow shortly. 


Mashona Adebayo Jendayi on the road to success at the IHA Ludwigshafen

What an exhibition .... it could not be more astonishing. The RR were judged by a Russian general judge. The show was run by the RRCD. Two Mashona brothers were in the intermediate class at the start, the following results were achieved:

 Mashona Armani Jendayi got a Sg

 Mashona Adebayo Jendayi secured the V2 res. CAC - in a heavily occupied class.

 Melanie and Aminali made it super and received a "g" from the expert judge and Dhakiya was rated with an "sg".

 It was nice and we will continue but will also forget this exhibition very quickly.


Run free Kazunga Ajani....

Joy and sadness lie very close together. Today on a sunny day, heaven has got a new luminous star. I mourn with my friends Melanie and Bernd, who lost their faithful friend Kazunga Ajani at the age of 13 years and 5 months.

God speed, Ajani

IHA Kreuzlingen August 2017

IHA Kreuzlingen and my breeder heart beats proud!!

Celine starts with Mashona Adebayo Jendayi in the heavily occupied intermediate class with 5 males and secures the first place V1.
CAC but this is not enough for the two of them and they go to the top form, beat the champion males and get that CACIB and last but not least the BOS (best male). I am so proud of you both and I am sure you will go your way!
Taonga Dhakiya Buniwa of Mashona goes into the open class 5 a V 2 r CAC and res CACIB - well done my girl, you were simply great!

Thank you Thomas Kramer for this gread pictures (copyright by Thomas Kramer)

Happy Birthday Dhakiya


Happy birthday my faithful soul!


4 years ago, you were warmly welcomed with your 15 brothers and sisters in Baar in Kennel Taonga. Even then we knew that you all, but especially you, for me, something very special. And this has remained so to this day. You greet me in the morning with a joy that

makes my heart rise. Along with Usoni, you lead our pack with absolute security

and tranquility. I can rely on you in every living situation. You gave me my

dream of own breeding and show me every day how much you love me.


Dhakiya for me, you are everything and everything I will do for you to make

your life in our fantastic pack every day happier.


Happy Birthday my Dhakiya!


Mashona Girl's

Switzerland, Valais, glacier, mountains, lakes

On Sunday morning, I went to Valais with Marondera Chidima, Taonga Dhakiya and Mashona Aminali.

In Sierre we were stormed by our offspring Mashona Ayira, Merigals Rayya and Christoph & Laetizia. On the program today:  Col du Sanetsch, a beautiful glacier, in a very special rock landscape. White smooth rocks embedded in rich green. A beautiful floral fauna and always again small lakes with cristal clear water. The dogs could run and cool down again and again in-between.

The whole whistle of ever-returning whistles of the many marmots. We were lucky, one showed up and very quickly again disappeared.

On Monday morning, we went to Lac du Zeuzier, a more fascinating turquoise lake, beautiful flowers, steep mountains and to my suffering:  a swing bridge! It took me a lot of courage to cross.

Tired but with my heart full of wonderful experiences I would like to thank you, not only that my little Ayira got the best of a home but also for your hospitality, Laetizia & Christophe, it was fascinating and very nice to spend time with you.

Merci beaucoup!


A weekend at the race track in Schachen / Aarau

Together with some members of our Mashona family, we made our way to the double exhibition of June 24 and June 25. 2017
 At the start were our Papa Baka, Dhakiya, Aminali, Amira & Adebayo and our Grandma Akima with Anja. Nicole with her Chinua was not to be missed, of course. The dogs and people gave it all and we are proudly returned home with wonderful results.

Baka Baraka KAVANGO RIVER, Champion Klasse:

Suterday (Judge Harto Stockmari (Fi)): V3

Sunday (Judge Sonia Kelveri Philippou (CY)): Ex1 + CAC + CACIB + Best Male


Akima (Freya von der Burg Litermont), Veteran Klasse:

Suterday: 2. Place

Sunday: 1. Place + Veteran CAC + Best Veteran


Taonga Dhakiya Buniwa of Mashona, OpenKlasse:

Suterday: Ex1 + CAC + Res.CACIB

Sunday: EX2 + RCAC


Mashona Amira Jendayi, Intermidet Klasse:

Suterday: EX2 + RCAC

Sunday: EX4


Mashona Aminali Jendayi, Intermidet Klasse:

Suterday: VG

Sunday: VG


Mashona Adebayo Jendayi, Intermidet Klasse:

Suterday: EX2 + RCAC

Sunday: EX3


We would like to sincerely congratulate our Papa Baka with Juliane, who have become Swiss champions with their last victory, and we were there to watch how it happened. 
 Thanks to all for this very nice weekend. Our cohesion and our friendship is a gift.

Chidima & Dhakiya & Aminali Model's by Gaby Burmeister

Mashona Akello & Adebayo, visiting Casa Gomez

Bukuru's sons

Kazunga Ajani 10.March 2004 proud 13 years and 3 month

Nakaa Shamba Danso Adin 01. Oktober 2006 proud 10 years and 6 month

The first Mashona youth Champion!!!

Mashona Amira Jendayi manages to reach the German youth Champion VDH and Club Elsa at the age of only 16 months. My big thanks goes to Anja Kiesewetter, which bring my little girl from victory to victory. Also Antje and Günther a big thanks for the beautiful home that Amira can have with you. I am proud and grateful and happy to report more news from Amira in the future.

Thank you Kristina Mertens for the beautiful picture from Amira.

Holidays in Saarland & IHA / NHA Neunkirchen 2017

A wonderful and successful time is behind us. Together with Dhakiya and Aminali, I set out to visit my friends Mel and Bernd. We spent a wonderful time together, not to forget the exhibition in Neunkirchen with 4 Mashona's to the start.

A catastrophically organized exhibition with police and fire brigade and a lot of inconvenience took place on Whitsunday. Nevertheless, the young Mashona's gave everything.


Whitsunday - Judge Ch. Jouanchicot

Mashona Adebayo Interm.K EX 2 res. CAC

Mashona Amira JK EX 1 JCAC Saarland Young Winner

Mashona Aminali Interm. K VG 3

Mashona Amana ZK VG4

Taonga Dhakiya Buniwa of Mashona Open K. EX 2 res CAC

CHBaka Baraka Kavango River CHK EX 3

Akima from the castle Littermont VK Ex1 Veteran Winner


Whit Monday -Judge Dr. Beyersdorf

Mashona Adebayo Interm. K EX 1 CAC

Mashona Amira JK EX1 JCAC, Club Elsa CAC Winner of Neunkirchen

Mashona Aminali Interm. K EX2 res. CAC, res. Elsa CAC

Mashona Amana VG

Taonga Dhakiya Buniwa of Mashona Open K. EX4

CH Baka Baraka Kavango River CHK EX2 res. CAC

Akima from the castle Littermont VK V1 Veteran Winner


Despite all the fuss around the exhibition, we enjoyed the time together very much. Our cohesion was once again very clearly felt and heard when we cheered our youngest. Dear acquaintances and friends may not be missing.


Thank you very much for your congratulations, which I also very gladly give back. It was a very emotional and beautiful show weekend.


My special thanks go to Anja Kiesewetter, who flies from victory to victory with my little Amira and has now made her a youth champion. Celine Stefanie, who shows my little Mister Blue - Adebayo - skillfully and if it goes on like this, they become a top team.


My Melanie and Aminali gave everything and their intimate connection was not to be overlooked. Amana, my white quiet beauty, showed up very nicely with Pia, and will also convince the one or the other judge.

Thank you all.....

Switzerland's next Top Model

Mashona Amana Jendayi has been put in the right light precisely and proffesionell.

Dear Pia, thank you very much for the wonderful studio recordings from our Amana. The photographer surpassed me and I am more than happy about the result.

The mountain calls.....

.. and the Mashona's followed the call! A beautiful young dog meeting is behind us.

Akello's owners invited us all to Central Switzerland. Except for Amira and Armani

and Papa Baka, we were fully present. We spent a wonderful day, hiked to 1580 m

altitude and enjoyed the imposing snow-capped mountain chain of the Swiss Alps.

The dogs had a lot of fun and we adults were very happy to exchange. It cries for

more and we will organize such a harmonious meeting again in the near future.

I am very proud of this very special litter. Thank you all - you are top!




Expression, beauty and grace in front of the lens ......

Some of my little Mashona's could be photographed. Here is a little insight as they have evolved over time. I am more than happy. Please check out one and each of them and visit "Breeding". There you can find more pictures.

Health check....


Breeding is also health and that should be the top priority for every breeder.

I had Dhakiya genetically investigated, and I am pleased to announce that she is in good health, as well as our future mate Baka Baraka Kavango River. So Juliane and I are looking forward to our next litter with joy, which is Mother Nature will be kind enought, takes place in the beginning of 2018. The results of the probes can be found under Dhakiya and Baka

We were traveling.....

What would please a breeder's heart more than to show his own offspring at home and abroad?. Some Mashonas were successful and I am very proud of what they have achieved in such a young age. Please check the results on each of my Puppys.

Mashona's 1 Birthday 15.02.2017


 One can hardly believe it but the little Mashona's celebrating their first birthday today!

 I so gladly remember it as if it were yesterday. My Dhakiya made me the present and gave life to 8 little wonders on February 15, 2016. Each of them has developed into a strong and beautiful personality.

Today, one year has passed and I can say that we were more than right with our decision to mate Baka and Dhakiya. Akia, Amira, Aminali, Amana, Adebayo, Ayira, Akello and Armani - I wish you from the bottom of my heart a very happy birthday, be pampered and celebrated and carry on making your humans and myself happy.

I think of each and everyone of you today... happy birthday!