About my person

Ana Isabel Gomez-Navarro

Granada. This is the town in the heart of the wonderful, fiery part of Andalusia. That is where I come from in Spain. I was brought up in WARSTEIN, the beer-town of Sauerland in Germany. I have been living in Switzerland since 1990. In the middle of fields and forests around the beautiful part of the canton Schaffhausen, called the Reiat, I have settled down with my small Rridgeback pack.




South Africa – Zimbabwe - Botswana. A Pathway to an African Eden!

South Africa-Zimbabwe-Botswana. A Pathway to an African Eden! One of my long awaited dreams came true in the spring of 2000; A roundtrip through South Africa, Zimbabwe and Botswana. On a wonderful summer evening in Capetown, when I was on the way to Tafelberg, I met a jogger with an athletic, majestic and fascinating looking animal. It was a Rhodesian Ridgeback, whose movements had a proud appearance. My story began.