Breeding Station

In the breeding station Mashona, my puppies are born in the heart of the house in the living room. That way, the puppies have early contact with the remaining pack and also become accustomed to the everyday sounds of the usual daily family life. The new puppies’ owners can visit us when the puppies are 4 weeks old. From that time onwards, the puppies can use the front part of the garden. And of course, from the 6th week onwards, the whole garden is available for the puppies to use. Therefore, after a short time, they have become used to different grounds and can collect many impressions about their environment. The puppies will be looked after 24 hours a day until they are given to the new owners.

We do everything in our power to socialise the puppies and to prepare them for life outside of the pack. During their upbringing, Usoni and Chidima will support us actively.

The Mashona puppies will be dewormed at the correct time and chipped in the 8th week. Afterwards, a trained specialist of the Rhodesian Ridgeback club examines the litter and officially documents it.

I deliver my puppies healthy, strong and well socialized and I am available for any advice and practical help regarding your Mashona puppies. If I have awakened your interest in a Mashona puppy, please contact me as early as possible. I am looking forward to getting to know you.