My Philosophy

There are many philosophies. However, to live one’s own philosophy means having immeasurable passion. It is exactly this passion which I have for my dogs and the breed Rhodesian Ridgeback which spurs me on daily and which fills me with a deep inner contentment. My ultimate ambition is to breed healthy dogs with strong characters and required by the breed line and to secure their unique dispositions as well as their breed specific outward appearance in accordance with the original appearance of the Rhodesian Ridgeback.

I know my companion

There is one certainty. Each dog is an independent individual with its own individual character. Of course, there are breed-specific features, which characterise every dog and make it tangible. The Rhodesian Ridgeback is a muscular, strong and active dog, which loves to run. Moreover, it has a well-balanced build and is extremely elegant. One of its outward trademarks is the distinctive ridge on its back. The ridge arises because the hairs grow in the opposite direction to the body. A correct ridge is rounded off by the two crowns and the so-called box. These are two vertebrae, which lie opposite each other and which should display the same form. The Rhodesian Ridgeback is intelligent and dignified. It is rather reserved toward strangers without being shy or aggressive.

My wishes for my puppies

The standards which I set for myself and my breeding, I also set for the future puppies’ owners and their homes. I would love my puppies to have a home full of love and devotion with time and place to run. Likewise, one should have the necessary knowledge, staying power and common sense to bring up such a dog. It is preconditioned that one attends a puppy school and a course for young dogs. If you are interested to exhibit your dog in a show, I would be glad to accompany you.

First contact

I really look forward to getting to know you. Your first step could be the contact form on this homepage, which you can see under “contact”. Subsequently, I would like to make your acquaintance personally in order to exchange our ideas and wishes.

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