Litter Planning 2024

It is with great pleasure that I announce our G-litter in the Mashona Kennel. This mating is very close to my heart as it will be Mayasa’s first litter.
It was important to me to visit Jack and his family with Mayasa in advance so that I could experience him live. And what can I say, Jack convinced me 100%. He is a proud, confident and beautiful male.
Their first meeting was full of friendliness, playfulness and sympathy.
If everything goes well, we will be able to welcome puppies from this promising pairing into the Mashona home in summer 2024.

Farewell and new beginning


More about our moving into our new homes under current litter 2023


We are here......

Litter planning spring 2023

Our F-litter is in planning....

If luck is on our side, we expect Aminalis last litter in the middle of April . As the father, I have chosen the beautiful Thambo. He is a lovely and sovereign male, who is not only impressive because of his appearance, but also because of his strong bones, his beautiful head and his wonderful color. Thambo lives in a pack and is hunter led. I am looking forward to this very interesting litter with a not common pedegree......

Thambo Umvuma from Mistery Castle

Off to the north .....

Aminali and I are leaving for Hamburg at the beginning of February. A nice but very long trip . Thambo and Aminali got along right away and if mother nature is good to us , we can look forward to a beautiful litter of healthy puppies in the middle of April......

Mashona Dia Mayasa Madaha

MY youngest is being bred and I am grateful and satisfied that I can take this path with her. Her being, her character, her sovereignty and her excellent standard will be an enrichment for my breeding. You can be curios about her first mating.