I find calmness, contentment and fulfilment in nature during my photography. One of my greatest passions has become to fix forever a motive in its most beautiful form, completely forgetting myself while doing so. As well as my dogs, I love to take snapshots of the moment when Man and nature appear unique. After having taken two courses in dog photography, and having collected a lot of experience over the years, I am now well-equipped as a dog photographer. I am asked again and again by good friends to photograph their four-legged friends and to present them in a good light.

Here you can find a small selection:


The fee for animal portraits is calculated individually on a time and material basis and includes a photo CD. Please use the contact form in the contact section for a provisional quotation. 


Photo rights

Two rights have to be considered when using image files:

  • The right to one’s own photograph
  • Copyright

Right to one’s own photograph

According to Art. 28 ZGB, regarding a person’s right, I point out that one has the right to own one owns photograph, which means that pictures can only be published with the consent of the pictured animal’s owner.


Copyright refers to the originator’s legal right on his creation. The originator has the right to use his creation. This includes copying, distribution, exhibition, public display and edition of the creation. The originator can set the frame conditions for utilising the created piece.

Summary regarding my position

Photographs taken by me may only be published with my consent as the originator. This applies to private as well as commercial purposes. Violations will be prosecuted.