Taonga Dhakiya Buniwa of Mashona


Taonga Dhakiya Buniwa of Mashona


 Zuzana Jung, CH-Baar

Date of birth

03. August 2013

Breed registry id

SHSB 721210

X-ray Analysis




HD A/A - ED/OCD free



Dilute Status: DD


Degenerative Myelopathie (DM):

no carrier (Genotyp N/N)                                                

Hämophilie B: no carrier


Juvenile Myoklonische Epilepsie (JME):

no carrier (Genotyp N/N)


Ridge: R/r


Maligne Hyperthermie: free


EOAD: free



 red wheaten


63 cm 


34 kg


MCH Bomani Irsania

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Suedstern Mawe

Khiya”, the pet of the pack in the Mashona kennel but nevertheless a great personality. She stems from the Taonga kennel, which belongs to my friends Zuzana and Rolf Jung who live here in Switzerland. Here is a special story, which is very emotional for me and which binds me to Dhakiya. On the day when her grandfather Bukuru died, she was discovered with 15 other grandchildren on the ultrasonic scan. I couldn’t imagine at that time that “Miss Orange” was intended for me. She stirred the whole pack up with her uncomplicated, adventuresome and instinctive nature. She is the perfect mix of her father MCH Bomani Irsania, one of Bukuru’s sons and Aliya, an original Ridgeback lady. If everything goes to plan, my little Dhakiya will soon set up the foundation of my own breed line.