MCH Bukuru of Sambesi Waters

Born on July 23, 2000 passed away on July 02, 2013


MCH Bukuru Of Sambesi Waters


Edgar Heckelsmüller, D-Leutkirch

Date of birth

23. July 2000

Breed registry id

VDH 00/109 2112 / SHSB 600 896

X-ray analysis

HD A/A - ED/OCD free




69 cm


44 Kg

Frozen semen available.


Danest Tjabo Letsatsi

Apalachee Umkuolo of Pronkberg

Pronkberg Matange

Kulima Zena

Byways Izonka

Bayside Kivu of Byways

Ayla of Byways

Kilimia Simba Barka

The Thembisa Khangeli

The Thembisa Amafu


Perkeo Barka

Umvuma Xambo

Alertia Wa Mosadi

“Bukuru” – my beginning, my first true Ridgeback love. Bukuru from the kennel of Sambesi Waters was the first Rhodesian Ridgeback who entered my life. Bukuru was such a great enrichment to my life in a way that today, I don’t have any doubts about whether to have a Ridgeback or not: It is a must-be!

He conquered anyone’s heart with his confident, calm and exalted manner. He was the embodiment of beauty, strength and pride. It was planned that he would accompany me as a family dog. But quite often, things turn out differently. Bukuru gave me 13 wonderful years! He left his heritage to 246 puppies all over Europe. Anyone in possession of one of Bukuru’s offspring is blessed daily. Thank you my dear, for being a part of my life – yesterday, today and tomorrow!