Glenaholm Whata Usoni of Mashona

Born on October 23th 2005, passed away on October 12th 2017

Quietly you have gone on your last journey. The pain and sadness you leave behind, I can't put into words.

In 2005 you came into our life and filled it with your love, joy and will power. You've had hard times to survive through your heavy OCD, but you've never lost your courage. You have always represented our pack with joy in a sovereign manner. No matter who came or went, you always showed them how to go on. Also, when visitors logged in, you were always friendly but decisive.

Now it has become quiet and I can look back on a life of gratitude with you. You were my rock in the surf, my ship that brought me safely back to my harbour in a storm and a true Ridgeback character. For almost 12 years I had you by my side, years in which you showed me a lot and taught me.

Usoni, I thank you from the bottom of my heart I was allowed to accompany you on a part of your way. I will always carry you in my heart. Run free, my friend, my love for you is boundless.....


Glenaholm Whata Usoni Of Mashona


Norah Jean Ormerod, USA-Snohomish

Date of birth

23. October 2005

Breed registry id


X-ray analysis

HD A/A - ED free/OCD infested


red wheaten


70 cm


42 Kg


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