Marondera Chidima Abiola of Mashona

Born on 15th January 2011, passed away on 17th February 2019


Marondera Chidima Abiola of Mashona


Daniela Trompka, D-Stuttgart

Date of birth

15. January 2011

Breed registry id

VDH 11/017 2827 / SHSB 732185

X-ray analysis

HD A/A - ED/OCD free


red wheaten


66 cm


38 kg


Bukuru of Sambesi Waters

Danest Tjabo Letsatsi

Apalachee Umqolo of Pronkberg

Byways Izonka

Kilima Simba Barka

The Thembisa Khangeli

Perkeo Barka

Marondera Asilia

Glenaffric Ulanyo of Zuritamu

Usakose the Boy from oz at Rooderaai

Entle Neliswa of Glenaffric

Wa Kishujaa Ayoka

Notho Ayaba

Kamnene Ijumaa

Chidi”, as we called her when she came to us as a little whirlwind, stems from the well-known Marondera kennel belonging to my friend Daniela Trompka. She is the last daughter of my male dog MCH Bukuru of Sambesi Waters from his last mating. Two other bitches came before her. She is not only gorgeous, but also performs her magic with her gentleness on anyone who meets her, which she inherited from both parents, Asilia and Bukuru. She is friendly towards people and animals, is submissive and just wants to please. I am very thankful that I have Chidima. Her whole character is a great asset for our little pack.

My soul dog, you suddenly and unexpectedly set off on your last journey on a beautiful day. I could only be there for you, stroking you, kissing you and thanking you for all the beautiful moments and years you have been at my side.
As the last daughter of Bukuru, you were unique for me. Your empathetic nature, your unconditional love and your gentle nature had only one name, Chidima. Today, suddenly and unexpectedly, your journey ended here. I would do everything I could to keep you by my side.
I thank you for your time, your love and that I could go a part of your way with you. The only consolation I have left is we'll see each other again sometime.
Chidima I've loved you more than anything in the world. Thank you for everything.