Litter planning spring 2020

I Proudly present

My dream will come true! For Dhakiya's last litter I am happy and gratefully report that I have found my Mr. Right. A male dog that I have been following for a long time and that fascinates me again and again. A wonderful runner, fantastic family dog and very successful show dog. He not only captivates with his perfect mass corresponding to the standard, but also his nature and character are impeccable. 


From this combination of two wonderful breed representatives I promise myself healthy, character-strong and harmoniously in the standart standing
Rhodesian Ridgebacks with a more than interesting pedigree.




If you are interested in this promising mating please contact us as soon as possible by using the contact form on this website. I like to get to know my future puppy parents very much in advance.


Mashona Adebayo Jendayi

Finally our big guy visited his kennel again. Ayo, as he is affectionately called by his Celine, has developed into a strong, beautiful and sovereign male. Despite the sad December weather I could still catch a few beautiful moments of Ayo.....



Hodari van de Eyssel Hoeve

A visit that had long been due has become a reality. Hodari, born on 25.06.2008 from the mating of Atiya and my Bukuru, from Belgian kennel van de Eyssel Hoeve. A top fit senior who is in a fantastic condition thanks to Kerstin's care. My heart opened to see what joy he had when he saw my girls and me. We had a wonderful day. Thanks Kerstin for your hospitality and that you look so good after our boy. Our next visit is planned for spring....

The Sky has a new star......

I mourn with Zuzana and Rolf for our wonderful Aliya, 13 1/2 years you were allowed to grow old and you were allowed to go in the company of us all. Thanks, you have given me Dhakiya as a foundation for my breeding and were also for your grandchildren and great-grandchildren a true RR model. 
Aliya was 34 times mother, 54 times grandmother and 31 times great grandmother. 
Wonderful and no trouble-shy mother, cheerful until old age, brave, unconditionally faithful and loving, tolerant, indulgent and simply an extraordinary dog who loved everyone and everything and was loved by everyone. A proud, beautiful and worthy representative of the breed. 
On the 4th November your way was over here on earth. We are grateful and yet very sad. Someday we will see again. Aliya we miss you!

A meeting of the special kind....

A very nice day lies behind us and some of our RR still have to process all this.
Marta from CZ is here and I had THE idea! A small offspring meeting of her male MCH Bomani Irsania with his offspring from the kennels Taonga/Vumbuo/ Mashona and Jade& Bomani.
There were 35 RR and 50 persons. Very special to see was how our Aliya 13 1/2 years and Brook (Bomanis brother, 9 years of age) moved between all, the youngest 8 months old. After a great walk, knowing that the dogs could run free, we ended the day with a nice lunch. Many thanks to everybody, for Marta and some others the day will remain unforgettable.

Beautiful offspring

In the last weeks I was allowed to visit some Mashona offspring from different litters. They are not only beautiful but also impeccable in nature and character. See for yourself



Mashona Cheja Injabulo, Max & Aminali

Mashona Chester Injabulo, Max & Aminali

Mashona Ciwana Injabulo, Max & Aminali

Mashona Bilali Zubayda, Baka & Dhakiya

Health report from the Mashona Kennel

Mashona Amana Jendayi, our bitch from the A-litter, epitome of power, friendliness and sovereignty and daughter of my Dhakiya, is a bitch that only everyone can wish for and accompanies Pia on daily rides, to her doctor's office and is always at Pia's side. Amana was also x-rayed and I can proudly report that she too - like her other 4 siblings - can show excellent results:
HD A ED/OCD free ÜWS free
I am grateful and very happy to have such healthy offspring. Thank you Pia for doing everything for the health of Amana.



Säntis 2502m - the mountain calls

Respect and reverence for nature. A unique natural spectacle of sun, clouds and wind offered itself to us on a wonderful Sunday. I was allowed to redeem my birthday voucher for brunch at 2502 meters above sea level. Once without our red friends, but with my godchild in lofty heights. It was a culinary highlight, underlined with a breathtaking view and accompanied by wonderful friends. See for yourself and feel the power of the mountains.....



Mashona Amira Jendayi German Champion VDH

Mashona Amira Jendayi....
Daughter of (Taonga Dhakiya Buniwa of Mashona & Baka Baraka Kavango River) runs her last CAC today, 1st September 2019 and is thus German Champion VDH. I am more than proud of our girl, who not only convinces with her beauty, but also with her elegance and sovereignty. Thank you dear Antje and Günther, you fly with Amira to one success to the other. I am very grateful and proud of you and our girl....



Puppy meeting of the Mashona Injabulo

On August 10th we met 13 puppies and 5 adult dogs for our C litter meeting. It was a wonderful and eventful day. They were all there. Also our great-grandmother Aliya with 13 years and 4 months, aunt Bashira and Scubi were not missing on our day. All the little Injabulo's have become strong and beautiful personalities. I am very proud of you and thankful, they have the best homes with you. Many thanks to everyone who made this day so special. I have no words for your generous gifts and I can only say thank you from the bottom of my heart. Merci to Sarah, Albi, Susi, Joel and all the others for your diligent hands. Take care of your rough diamonds and I am already looking forward to seeing you again soon.......

Happy Birthday Dhakiya

What a wonderful day, it is Dhakiyas 6th birthday. My true soul, friend, cuddler and mom of our A ans B litter has her day od honour. Six wonderful years are you by my side now and I am looking forward to many more. I am grateful for every day that we can go for walks, challenge me and just that you are here with me. Happy Birthday my girl i love you more than anything in this world

Family days in Juli

What could be better than family, friends and people that are happy about each others company. My Nice Sarah, enjoys the summer with the dogs here in Altdorf and the dogs feel like they are in heaven when she is around.With us Dhakiya, Aminali, Bashira, Chinali, Scubi...

Farewell & New beginning under C Litter

Mashona Injabulo 15.März 2019

Tested, found to be healthy and beautiful and released into the wide world..... 
On the 16th of May we all had to undergo the eagle eyes of our breed warden and an apprentice of the RRCS. Every single one of the little Injabulo's showed himself calm, safe and curious to the two ladies. Our result is impressive. I am very satisfied and grateful with my 13 puppies, of which 3/2 are without ridge and 8 are correct according to the standard. The puppies are open in nature, curious, lively and hardly anyone can resist when seeing them. An intense time is coming to an end. From now on they leave our kennel and enjoy their new human friends. I would like to thank my environment, my valuable friends who have accompanied me through this intensive time. I am very grateful and appreciate the time I was able to spend with each and every one of you. I wish each of my puppies a healthy, exciting and wonderful life and I am happy when I hear from you from time to time. 

News of our C-Litter

Mashona Amana Jendayi visits nieces and nephews

Our Amana didn't miss to visit the Injabulo's with her owner Pia. We enjoyed both of you very much and are always very happy when you are there. I was able to take these very nice photos of Amana...


The Mashona Injabulo by Thomas Kramer

A little female is still looking for her place of live forever.Thank you dear Thomas for your gread photos.

Present & Future

Mashona B - Litter Zubayda

What a surprise, today in my mailbox. With all my heard, I say Thank you to you Nicole Bloch, for your work, time and the beautiful composition of our 12 young dogs.

It is wonderful to see how the B - litter developed not only externally, but also in essence. I am very proud of you all and thank you for your trust.

Mashona Amana Jendayi by Suzana's Tierfotografie

A wonderful representative of the breed, who not only makes our heart beat faster but also that of the photographer Suzana's Tierfotografie

Many thanks dear Suzana, You have captured Amana skillfully by your camera and put her in the right light.

Individual Imagination our Mashona Injabulo

Mashona C-litter 15 March 2019

More information under Litter/ C-Litter

Ayo and his father pleasures

Finally we got pictures of the rattle gang from Känerkinden. Inka does an exemplary job and cares touchingly for her puppies. We have to wait a little longer until we can marvel at them live. Now we let pictures speak.....

Mashona Adebayo Jendayi and his first offspring

Life is taken and life is born, and so we can enjoy the birth of 3 males and 8 females with Thea Walter from Ashima's Kennel. A little bitch unfortunately didn't make it and is now on her way to her ancestors. 
We are very proud of our Ayo and Inka for such a beautiful and healthy litter of little lion hunters. They are the first Mashona grandchildren here in Switzerland and soon there will be more in Germany and here in Altdorf.
 We are already looking forward to the visit in Känerkinden to experience the jaunty lot live. If you are interested in a puppy, please contact the kennel directly at

My world stands still

15th January 2011 - 17th February 2019
My soul dog, you suddenly and unexpectedly set off on your last journey on a beautiful day. I could only be there for you, stroking you, kissing you and thanking you for all the beautiful moments and years you have been at my side.
As the last daughter of Bukuru, you were unique for me. Your empathetic nature, your unconditional love and your gentle nature had only one name, Chidima. Today, suddenly and unexpectedly, your journey ended here. I would do everything I could to keep you by my side.
I thank you for your time, your love and that I could go a part of your way with you. The only consolation I have left is we'll see each other again sometime.
Chidima I've loved you more than anything in the world. Thank you for everything

15.02.2016 Happy Birthday my Mashona Jendayi A-litter...

Today three years ago you 


Akia, Amana, Ayira, Aminali, Amira, Adebayo, Akello, Armani
made me the happiest person in the world. My A-litter was born 3 years ago, a litter of healthy, strong and beautiful RR. 
You got the best human friends, no one wants to miss you anymore!
You, Adebayo will soon become a father, our Amira will soon become a mother and my Aminali is for me the most beautiful and cuddliest pregnant bitch.
But also the others experience exciting and adventurous moments. I'm so happy there's you guys and say thank you to my Dhakiya and our Baka from the bottom of my heart for this extraordinary litter.

Let yourself be pampered and enjoy the day. I think of each and every one of you.....

Aminali and her sweet secret.....

If I have to describe a book with seven seals, only the name Aminali comes to mind. 
As well as I know my youngest, but her secret has been well guarded (hatched).
Still very moved, happy and grateful, I may inform you today that we are expecting our C litter around March 16th. Dhakiya will be grandma and I breed with my own offspring, of which I am more than proud.

 I am happy to be able to report here on my homepage about my future C-litter.

Litter Plan Spring 2019

more Information under C Litter

We were on our honeymoon in the Cold but wonderful East.....

Aminali has decided at the end of 2018, she ends the old year excitingly. So in the new year we made our way to our chosen Grand Cortege Maximus Gloriam Dei. We spent exciting, comfortable and days practicing patience.
Now we hope and wish, after two exciting matings, that this pairing will bear fruit and that we will be able to enjoy healthy and beautiful breed representatives in the middle of March. Thank you Silke for your trust in Aminali and in our kennel.
If you are interested, please contact us at

Happy birthday my Marondera Chidima Abiola of Mashona

My Chidi darling, today is your day, 8 wonderful years you are already at my side. You bribe everyone with your peace, sovereignty and solidarity. I love you for your gentle nature and your fantastic character. 
Chidima, I celebrate today with you your special birthday and wish us both more beautiful years.

Happy Birthday my 12 Mashona Zubayda

A year has passed since you took my heart and that of your human friends by storm. In this one year you have developed into beautiful, willing to learn and fantastic dogs. Thanks to many reports from you I always knew exactly what you were doing and how happy you made your human friends. I love you all and hope you had a wonderful birthday.