Mashona Madaha's

Due to the current situation we could not do a puppy meeting .This litter is very special for me. Born and raised in a time that was not very easy for all of us. All young dogs are now 6 month old and developed into beautiful and representatives RR who give their owners a lot of joy. Thank you all for your trust. 

Autumm  gold.....

Taonga Dhakiya Buniwa of Mashona Dob. 03.08.2013 (Aliya & Bomani)

Mashona Dia Mayasa Madaha Dob.1.05.2020 ( Dhakiya & Lewis )

Mashona Chenzira Injabulo Dob. 15.03.2019 ( Aminali & Max)

Mashona Aminali Jendayi Dob. 15.02.2016 (Dhakiya & Baka)

Mashona Ayira Jendayi Dob.15.02.2016 (Dhakiya & Baka )

Golden autum light

What is there better than to capture my own offspring in a picture.......

Congratulations from the bbottom of my heart

Our Mashona Bishara Zubbayda,

Dob.15. January 2018 (Dhakiya & Baka),

has successfully completed the RRCS aproval on 25.10.2020.

I am verry proud and geateful with you,Norina & Lorenzo, to go the path into breeding. I am looking forward to everything that is still to come.

Congratulations to you!!!!!

Mashona Amira Jendayi

Our Amira became a mother again and we are so proud about 11 healthy and beautiful puppies. I am very happy to get more pictures and stories of the little Lomamis 

Mashona grandchildren in Belgium

Mashona Benya Kikuyu Zubayda 

Is the proud mother of the Kennel van de Eyssel Hoeve. She masters her job brilliantly and the puppies grow up in a beautiful home. I am very proud of Benya from my B litter and wish her a wonderful puppy time 

Mashona Danyo Madaha

Mashona Dhima Madaha

Mashona Djamila Madaha

Mashona D-litter

I am looking back on a very special litter full of great joy, many emotions, fear, confidence, breathe a sigh of relief and then 8 weeks of indescribable moments of happiness. Dhakiya and Lewis represent a wonderful mating and the result is 10 amazingly beautiful little personalities, one prettier than the other. I am more than happy with the last puppies of my Dhakiya. New friendships were started, we have made children’s eyes shine and for many a dream has come true. Today it is the time to say thank you to every one of you. You were all always there for me, at any time of the day or night, you cooked for me, sent me to bed in order to get some sleep, organised puppy milk and made the impossible possible. We have grown into one unity, one big family. It is now getting quiet in Casa Gomez and all of you, like me, are facing a big task to shape a gem out of this special and unique rough diamond.

I am always there for you and am looking forward to our time together.

New addition to the Casa Gomez

Full of pride and overwhelmed with joy I would like to welcome today my youngest bitch Mashona Dia Mayasa Madaha in our pack. She was the last born. A bitch whom I lost my heart to from her first breath on. Until the end! My heart’s decision won. She can stay at home and enrich our pack with her perky, funny and open nature. I hope and wish to continue the wonderful line of her parents Dhakiya & Lewis with her. You will read some more stories about her here.

Mashona Madaha D- Litter by Leonie Huitema

My breeder’s heart is overwhelmed with joy…

A beautiful offspring bitch from my B litter, Benya Kikuyu Zubayda (Taonga Dhakiya Buniwa of Mashona & Baka Baraka Kavango River) will become a proud mother in July. Patricia with her Belgian kennel van de Eyssel Hoeve and I have a deep and long friendship and it makes me extremely proud that Benya is expecting her first litter in July 2020.

Please contact her at if you are interested in a puppy from this interesting mating.

I am so happy for you.

Mashona puppies in black & white

Puppy photography in a different way
Our Mashona Madaha’s in their first week taken in a very special way

Our Mashona Madaha introduce themselves under D- litter

News under Litter planning

We are pregnant news under litter planning 2020

Mashona Cleo Injabulo

Happy 1 Birthday Mashona Injabulo

One Year ago today you all gave me a very happy moment in my life. In these one year, you have grown into unique personalities and I don't want to miss any of you treasures. Celebrate, let yourself be spoiled and step on it and have fun today.You earned it. I think of each one of you today and send you a big kiss.....

Happy 4th birthday......

Today 4 years ago my dream came true. Dhakiya and Baka gave birth to 8 beautiful and healthy puppies. Today I can say that the wild bunch became wonderful representatives of the breed.
The Jendayi's
Akia, Amira, Aminali, Amana, Adebayo, Ayira, Akello, Armani
Let us spoil you today even more than usual . I love you all.

Icy wintertime ........

Crystal flowers and wrapped ladies, that's how we enjoy our winter days. If there is one thing Dhakiya and Aminali love about these icy temperatures, it is their warm and mobile Kevin Jumpers. But see for yourself...



Happy 2 Birthday Mashona Zubayda

Mashona Shoting by Thomas Kramer

Skill means to put people and dogs in the right light in icy temperatures and mystical moods.
Our Thomas has done it skilfully and for that I thank you very much. With the photos, everybody is more than happy and very grateful


Mashona Meeting 2020

A day of bliss, power, joy, happy dogs and people. This is how it should be in the New Year. 15 Mashona's from A/B/C litter, 20 people, camp fire, military terrain, aircrafts, Scottish highland cattle and a lot of fun. Many thanks to all who made this day unforgettable.