NEWS 2016

Here you will regularly find the up-to-date information about my kennel. 

Happy Birthday Usoni

My best friend, my sunshine and my soulmate, today you are 11 years old and for that I cheer for you. Despite your serious OCD, your incontinence, you never lost your your dignity and your zest of life. You are our tower of strength, a real Ridgeback of the old bash.
I would like to thank you for your friendship, your love and your loyality to me and to your companions.
I am looking forward for more years with you and would like to thank you for enriching our lifes.
Happy birthday my soulmate.

Looking back to a successful weekend

Last Thursday, October 13th, I headed off to Dortmund with Dhakiya and Aminali to meet up the other Mashonas on the weekend for the two shows.
Besides fabulous walks in the forests of Dortmund, tasty Westphalian specialities, a remarkable ride on the Andalusian mare Viva – a dream horse belonging to Pia – and wonderful gatherings with 4 dogs of my offspring,  the following awards have been won :
Bundessieger Show Dortmund 15.10 2016 (M. Klopsch (DE) / M.Eshuis-Francke (NL) )
Puppy class
Mashona Armani not rated ( the little blockhead did not show his teeth)
Mashona Amira VP4
Mashona Aminali VP
Mashona Amana V

Champion class male dogs  15
Baka Baraka Kavango River E2 RCAC
Ye Yapha Gitonga Yeboah Yangari E

Open Class female dogs 24
Taonga Dhakiya Buniwa of Mashona E4

IHA Dortmund 16.10 2016 (M. Klopsch (DE) / M.Eshuis-Francke (NL) )

Puppy class
Mashona Armani VP2
Mashona Amira VP1
Mashona Aminali VP2
Mashona Amana VP3

Champion class male dogs
Baka Baraka Kavango River E3
Ye Yapha Gitonga Yeboah Yangari E

Open class female dogs
Taonga Dhakiya Buniwa of Mashona E2 RCAC
A very special thank-you to my Patricia, without her I could not have been away from home. Usoni and Chidima are always taken care of properly.
 Also very special thank-you to my Melanie, who is always by my side, coaching me, suportive even in the face of my heated emotional outbursts and also acting as decoy during photo shoots.
 Last but not least, thank-you to my Anja, who is taking my little wonderful Amira from victory to victory.
 All of the Mashona family, also those at home, thank you for your effort.
 To you Pia, thank you for your kind hospitality.
You all are very special to me and I am very proud of you.
Karlsruhe coming up next... !


Girl’s night – Fun at home of the Kavango River Kennel

Anja came up with an invitation for a fun and easy girl’s night and I headed to Germany with Nelson 12 yrs, Usoni 11 yrs, Chidima 5 yrs, Dhakiya 3 yrs and Aminali 7 months. It was simply fantastic!

 With all other dogs, there were 11 Rhodesian Ridgebacks in all ages, females and males but peaceful all the time, all of them playing, snuggling up and also guarding the resources together.
 Thank you very much, Anja, for your generous hospitality, nice to have met you again, Juli, Wolfgang, Tom, Antje and Luise. One thing is for sure: it literally calls for a repeat!
 Girl's, let us plan it ….

Show News of the little Mashona's

International Exhibition in Luxembourg



Amira - Miss Orange- and Armani - Mister Black - both behaved to their very best and have been presented in the puppy class by Martina and Anja masterly. Armani has won with very promising 1 and Amira replicated and also won the competition with very promising 1.  


 In the competition of the “youngest winner”, Amira prevailed the ranking and has won as well.  


 As a breeder I do not have to express how proud I am of my offspring already today. Not only beauty or the standard of my offspring is in the center but to me, the nature and character of each individual puppy is much more important and for that, I am so proud of each of the young dogs of my Kennel.


Martina and Anja, congratulations from the bottom of my heart on your fantastic success in Luxembourg.  

Our big hit at the RRCS club show Judge B.Seibel

Last Sunday, accompanied by beautiful sunshine, we started our journey to exhibit our entire Mashona A-litter 8 jung dogs including  Dhakyia and Baka.
 We are still overwhelmed and over the moon about the results of our 6 months old young dogs.
 The following results have been achieved:
Puppy class
Mashona Akello VP4
Mashona Adebayo VP3
Mashona Armani VP

Mashona Akia Ayo VP (out of competition)

Mashona Ayira VP
Mashona Aminali VP3
Mashona Amana VP2
Mashona Amira VP1

Open class
Taonga Dhakiya Buniwa of Mashona Ex 2 RCAC

Champion class
Baka Baraka Kavango River Ex.3
Je Japha Yeboah Ex
The reports of the judges are gratifying and prove, having made the right choices for this litter. I am very proud and very touched to say that I have found the best owners for my offspring, people I can trust to guide my precious treasures with a lot of emphaty and love.
 At the end of the show our highlight: out of 5 breeding groups, we could take the lead and won the title of the best breeding group of the RRCS 2016.
 I want to express my special thanks to: Juli and her Baka – without you, life would only be half as good, to Anja, the breeder of Baka who has presented our litter with her expertise and also has presented my Dhakiya to achieve the E2 of the RCAC, to Brigitte Caggiano, the „great-grandmother“ of the Mashonas and who has been very supportive and last but not least to Patricia, who has been taking care of Chidima and Usoni at home.
 My breeders heart is rejoiced when I remember that day, our strenght and our solidarity. Our Mashona family is simply very special. Thank you all for that!

First reunion of the Mashona puppies in Altdorf

Finally, the day has come! Our 8 little Mashonas gathered for the first puppy renunion at their birthplace.
 With fantastic summer weather we met at the "Schützenhüsli" in Altdorf. Once everybody had arrived, we left for our stroll to the "Untere Reiat". Our stroll led us through fields and pastures, along a small creek and mowed stubble fields. On a lookout point with magnificent panorama we took the first rest and enjoyed an Apéro Riche. While I was explaining what a wonderful volcanic landscape we have, a pack of about 15 wild boars passed on the other side towards the forrest - it was good the pack was passing by far away!
 Back at the "Schützenhüsli", our men light the charcoal grill while all others exchanged their experiences of the last months. All 8 Mashonas were present with their owners. Also, the two "grandma's", Zuzana and Anja would not miss the reunion by all means in order to check on their "grandchildren". Baka and Dhakiya could hardly believe their eyes as they met again and billed and cooed as usual. 
 I can proudly say, the the dogs and the owners of our 8 little wonders do harmonise in a fantastic way. Each of the puppies has developed into a wonderful young dog who makes their owner happy.
 It was a remarkable reunion and all of the participants have contributed to a memorable event.
 Thank you to all of you - puppy parents and all the volunteers. I am looking forward to meet all of you again in three weeks.
 And now, we let the pictures speak for themselves....

Happy Birthday Dhakiya

Three years ago today, 12 little wonders were born at the Taonga dog kennel of my friends Zuzana & Rolf. My "grandchildren" of the mating of MCH Bomani Irsania (Bukuru's son) and Nahimana Aliya. At that time I had no idea that this small female dog will be my good fortune.


Dhakiya, today is your day and I give you three cheers. I wish for many more birthdays to celebrate with you.



Happy birthday, my true soul.



Visit to Mr. Blue - Adebayo

Long time this visit has been planned and finally, yesterday, the day has come. We travelled to Laupen to visit Dhakiya's son, Adebayo. He has developed into a beautiful young male. After a wonderful stroll and cooling off in the river - a first for Adebayo, who did it very well - we grown-ups have spent quality time in the garden with a nice barbecue. 


Thank you - Celine and Lars - for the hospitality and that you take so good care of my offspring. 


Summer, Adventure Saarland...

And yet again, another eventful weekend lies behind us.
 Whereas Usoni and Chidima thouroughly enjoying their time with their private nanny Patricia – once more thank you my dear – we – Dhakyia, Aminali and myself – went off to visit Bukurus‘ sons – Adjani (13 years old) and Danso (10 years old). We spent a joyous time with our dear friends Melanie & Bernd.
 On Saturday, we went to the wildlife park to Freisen and .... ooops, to our big surprise, what did we meet? The wild life is allowed to roam freely! Of course, Dhakiya and Aminali both on their leash. That for sure was a challenge, animals (prey) as close as 2 Meters! Aminali was excited and always wanted to catch one of the pot-bellied pigs, meanwhile her mother Dhakyia was holding her breath and for sure was calculating which leg of venison she should eat away first.
 During nice evenings at the wine lounge of Mel & Bernd, culinary delights, also we humans were having a good time.
 Saarland, we will be back soon....

Refreshing dip in the river….

To escape the summer heat, we went to the nearby river. Nicole of the Vumbuo Kennel came with her four ladies and I came with my four. For our dogs the motto was: into the cool water! And they took it literally. Our youngest, Aminali and Zera led the group. They run, swum and dived. In the evening, all of them were completely exhausted and therefore Nicole and I could take a cool dip in the pool ourselves while our 8 Ridgies grouped together and rested.
I am looking forward to more of such relaxing days…

What a weekend...

Last Friday, early morning I headed to Germany with Chidima, Dhakiya and Aminali to visit two of my offspring. First stop was Dortmund / Schwerte, where Mashona Amana Jendayi is living with Pia and Viva (Andalusian mare). We spent 3 wonderful days and our 4 Ridgies could run about to their hearts’ content and also relax in a beautiful environment. Amana has developed into a beautiful and confident young bitch. Thank you, Pia, for your great achievment.
 On the way back to Switzerland, we have stopped in Frankfurt to visit our Mr. Black – Mashona Armani Jendayi - who could hardly believe his eyes when meeting all of us again. We spent some relaxing moments and also thanks to you, Martina and Joachim, for looking well after my treasure.
 In another part of Germany, one of my offspring has made me very, very proud. Mashona Amira Jendayi has won a well deserved VV1 at her first show in Neresheim Stetten and on top of that, she has been crowned best puppy of the show, outperforming a male puppy. Dear Anja, from the bottom of my heart I would like to thank you and congratulate you and Amira to this outstanding performance and thank you that you been so much involved with our offspring – I am very proud.
 Also other grand children of Bukuru (Dini, Ajamu, Nelson) have achieved successes. My warmest congratulations to all of you.
 Yours, Anabel

A joyful visit of the Valais region....

The way was not too far for Miss Yellow – Mashona Aiyra Jendayi – to visit her family in Altdorf. Aiyra has also developed well and brings a lot of joy to Laetizia & Christoph. From time to time, even the 9 years older Merigals Raya is playing with Aiyra. We have spent some cheerful hours and I am looking forward to visit her and her family in the Valais region soon.
Thank you for your visit! I know, Aiyra has a wonderful home.

News of my A - litter

Saint Peter was kind to our little Mashonas, it was not raining cats and dogs at the NHA (National Dog Exhibition) in Aarau (Switzerland). With sunshine our little ones have been experiencing their first exhibition.


In the puppy class some of our Mashona puppies were represented, namely: Adebayo with Celine, Akello with Alexandra, Armani with Martina and myself with Aminali. All of them have mastered the challenge superbly.



Adebayo won with VV 1 (very promising), Armani got V  (promising) and Akello has decided that he needs some more time before appearing at the judges desk again. Aminali has won VV 2 with the bitches. All of them have shown a great performance.



Juliane and myself are – as ever – very proud of our brave and calm little wonders.



Also our Papa Baka has presented himself in his full elegance and beauty and was awarded with an « Excellent  3 ». Congratulations to Baka and Juliane as well.



It was a pleasant and informal circle with a lot of friends in good spirits. We are all looking forward to the day in Lenzburg, when we – as I hope – can present ourselves as breeding group.



Farewell and news under A litter

Springtime in Altdorf

Single introduction of our 8

Mashona Akia Ayo Jendayi

Mashona Amira Jendayi

Mashona Aminali Jendayi

Mashona Amana Jendayi

Mashona Adebayo Jendayi

Mashona Ayira Jendayi

Mashona Akello Jendayi

Mashona Armani Jendayi

We are ready...

time to say goodbye! Our 8 little wonders are now ready to leave lone by one after 10 intense weeks. It was – and still is – an intense but very, very happy time. I might say that people have grown closer together to one big happy family. I am giving you every unique personality to your protective care and I hope that you may experience the same happiness I did for the last 10 weeks and may it last for a very long time. Cut and polish our little raw diamonds with a lot of love, care and consistency.

I will always be there for you....



Eagle-eyed observed by the RRSC (Rhodesian Ridgeback Club Switzerland)

On April 11th 2016 my 8 little wonders have been observed closely by the expert Yvonne Schönholzer (Head of the Breeding Board of RRSC). Her final comment on my litter was:
"beautiful, homogenous litter, vibrant, courious puppies, safe on the table"
I am overwhelmed about the result. I have a little princess with 3 crownes and 7 correct puppies according to the standard.
My thanks go out firstly to Juliane and Manuel, who have entrusted my heart dog Baka to me and never doubted Dhakiya, myself and my breeding station. Also to all others, who have been supporting and been available to me and the puppies, thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Well, my protégés will leave my house starting the next week and head out to the big wide world. I can tell you that I have met the most perfect puppy parents on this planet! A good mixture of people who were ever-present, interested and visited a lot. Each and every family is looking forward whole-heartedly to their little Mashona Jendayi. 
A big thank you to all of you out there who were present on Facebook, on WhatsApp, Mail and Telephone - it was always nice to feel your presence and care.

Springgreetings from our 5 Week

Our 8 Mashona Jenday's

It is now time to introduce each of our precious treasures now that 14 days have gone by. Each one is quite special in his/her own way.They develope daily a bit more to becoming impressive wonderfully beautiful personalities. One can already see the different stages of composure, impatience, ability to succeed,andstrength.

You will find under week 3 what my little lion hunters have been experiencing.

Newly you found here the Wight Table of our A-Litter 2016

Wihgt Table A-Litter 2016
Wihgt Table A-Litter 2016

News update under Litter A - Litter 2016

Malika and MCH Bukuru have paired up.


As well as the15th. of February 2016, the date of birth of my A-Litter, the 18th. of February 2016 was a magical date too.


After some difficulties on the official side, Bukurus sperm arrived safely in Holland. Yesterday was the big moment. The beautyful, fantastic Red Hot Line Malika Dafina wa Africa was inseminatet with the sperm of MCH Burkuro Of Sambesi Wathers. Now the time has come to wait, hope and be patient.


Dear Elly, i am really looking forward to our time together. Many thanks for your trust in me.


Please warmly welcome our A litter!

I am lost for words for the feeling when looking at the whelping box and observe so much love, pride, care and happiness. We are happy to announce that we have welcomed 8 (3 M/5 F) little and healthy lion hunters. Dhakyia has mastered labour and birth brilliantly. Thank you, my sunshine!


Thanks to two of my closest two friends in my life – Zuzana and Melanie – who have enriched the birth with their support and helping hands. Also to all other people in my life I would like to say “thank you” for your help and support. I appreciate your thoughts and sharing the thrill all the way.


I am deeply in debt to Juliane and Manuel with their German Champion Baka Baraka Kavango River and who made my dream of my own dog kennel come true. I am looking forward to an intense and happy puppy time with you.


When we are all settled in and got some rest, we will be happy to share further news about our little lion hunters.


In the meantime my warmest greetings



Malika is in heat....hopefully the mating will be next week!

Bukuru & Malika

Great news to start with: Bukuru's frozen sperm made its way to the Netherlands and have reached the final destination in Eindhoven safe and sound. As if Malika has waited for it, she came in season yesterday.


This is the second frozen sperm pairing of Bukuru and we are all waiting in suspense for further good news.


We wish and hope for typical, healthy, strong and beautiful dogs of the Rhodesian Ridgeback breed.


Chidima said Thank you

From the bottom of my heart I would like to say thanks to all well-wishers and those who have thought of Chidima. She had a fantastic day in the snow and has been pampered intensively. Thank you to all of you!

Happy Birthday Marondera Chidima Abiola of Mashona

Today 5 years ago, my sunshine Chidima was born in the kennel of Marondera. She is a very special personality in my pack, a sunshine that always wants to please, never looking for trouble and is always happy. All of our visitors never leave without saying, "her, I will  take home with me". With her nature she is enchanting humans and other animals alike. Thank you, Chideli, for having you and that you remind me of your father Bukuru with your nature and character. Let yourself be pampered today because it is your day today. 
A very happy birthday!!

 A lot of small miracles

 Go to menu item *Breeding* and you will have a new category "pinboard" where you will find news about our A litter.

The last day of this year has arrived, time for remembering and time for being thankful.    

The last day of this year has arrived, time for remembering and time for being thankful.  


With these mystical and atmospheric images, I would like to say good bye to you this year. However, I do not want to close this year without some self-reflection and reviewing 2015.


It was a wonderful and eventful year with a lot of happy, emotional and enriching moments.


I would like to express my deepest gratitude to very special people in my life, without whom a lot would not be possible and who always stick by my side, no matter what. In particular, I am thinking about Martin, Kay, Ernst, Patricia, Fernando, Albi, Iris, Zuzana & Rolf, Yvonna & Armin, Melanie & Bernd... and a lot of other people. Thank you.


I look forward to 2016 with great excitement and wish you all a wonderful new year's eve. 


Yours, Anabel 

Merry Christmas-Feliz Navidad

I wish all of you a peaceful and happy christmas and a good transition into a prosperous new year. May all your wishes and dreams come true in 2016, 



Advent magic with Dhakiya & Baka

We are looking back to three days full of harmony, intense passion and affection. Uniting the two has been very harmonic and instinctive. At every mating,  their bond and unconditional faith for each other was perceptible.
If everything goes according to plan, we can hope for a certain black and white picture in four weeks time.
From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank you, dear Juliane & Manuel, for your hospitality and that you have entrusted me with your precious Baka. Also I would like to thank Zuzana Jung (Dhakiya’s breeder) and Anja Kiesewetter (Baka’s breeder), who accompanied me to the advent magic of Dhakiya & Baka.

Here we go...

Friday morning, Dhakiya showed me that something was different than before...

then I found the hint, a small red dot which I am blissfully happy about it. Dhakiya did not know why I was almost dancing but joined in like if mistress is happy, I am happy too. Now we have to sit and wait for a little while and then we go and meet Baka. We are so happy and looking forward to this adventure.

Mashona A- litter Pedigree

A Summer Day In November

Litter Planning 2016 A-Litter

I am very proud and happy to announce that the A-litter plans are progressing. I would like to thank Juliane and Manuel Illenser for providing their wonderful Baka Baraka for the longed for mating.

Dhakiya & Baka are two healthy, characterful and beautiful personalities. From this connection I am expecting strong-boned, expressive Rhodesian Ridgebacks in accordance with the typical standard.

Their combined pedigree stands for old, long-living, healthy and breed-typical lines. I am very happy to finally fulfill my lifetime dream. If you are interested in a puppy from my Mashona kennel, please use the contact form. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Baka Baraka Kavango River – Father of our A-Litter

I felt thunderstruck when we first met. Baka, you have fascinated me since you suddenly and unexpectedly stood there in front of Dhakiya and me at the exhibition of the RRCS. You are Mister Right and Dhakiya especially thinks so. I am awaiting our time together with great eagerness and joy.

Malika & Bukuru

With joy and excitement we are eagerly awaiting a litter with very interesting Bloodlines. The combination of Red Hot Line Malika Dafina wa Africa, a very beautiful and  strong caracter  bitch from Russia and my MCH Bukuru of Sambesi Waters. Malika lives in Holland at Elly Veldman's Home in a pack with 3 other Ridgebacks. It is a great pleasure for me and I look with excitement  to this combination and thank you Elly for your confidence in my Bukuru. This litter is a combination of frozen semen and I expect if it works, healthy and very attractive breed Typical Rhodesian Ridgebacks.

10 years Usoni... Happy Birthday

Today 10 years ago my sunshine came into the world. Our life together was, and is charaterized by beautiful, exciting and eventful moments.

Usoni my soul mate, today I let you live high and spoil yourself with everything where you like. Thank you for your very moving and happy moments and i'am look forward to more.

I'm happy to have you in my live.

We dit it...

On the 11.10.2015 my Taonga Dhakiya Buniwa of Mahona passed her lifelong breeding accreditation by the RRCS.

In her nature she shows herself to be candid, interested and self-confident. An extract of the comments from the judge Mrs. Feutz, who judged her character, was “congratulations to your breed-typical bitch and much joy in your breeding plans.” Dhakiya also impressed the exterior-judge Mr. Spörr - she passed with flying colours.

I am very proud of my little puppy girl. Now we are getting closer to our dream… My fondest thanks go to my Mel and Yvonna, who both always stood by me up to the time of the examination. Also I would like to thank everyone who believed in us and were/are happy for us.

Special thanks also go to Zusana and Rolf for your trust in us and for this wonderful dog.



Some encounters are remembered lifelong. How wonderful our time was… How wonderful our memories of you…. My friend, we’re thinking of you! 

Born on 11 October 2001, passed away on July 17, 2009

IHN AARAU, 20. JUNE 2015

I am so happy and proud of my little girl, yes she did it!

Dhakiya and I started in a well-occupied intermediate class and under the critical eyes of the breed-specialist Monika Pehr, we obtained the V1 CAC. Hence, we had the opportunity to fight for the title “most beautiful bitch of Swiss breed line”, which Dhakiya happily won as well.

I am very proud and thankful for having such an amazing dog by my side and I wish to thank everyone who supported us.