Our 2nd week ...

Our Mashona Wokabi‘s develop splendidly, there are barks and growls and howls like wolf pups.

They already can run, hide and everyone is looking out into the big wide world with its beautiful eyes. They are our little stars. Look for yourself how the pictures speak for themselves ...

The Mashona Wokabi in her first week

One week has passed and we can only report good things. The little ones are very agile and lively, they seal through the whelping box, drink and sleep and give loudly to understand who they are. Aminali is a very caring and wonderful mother. She shows different with this her litter than with the first one. Lovingly patient and with eagle eyes she watches over her 12 puppies. It is a real joy every day to see how the puppies are changing. I will continue to report week by week 

E- litter  Mashona Wokabi 23.06.2021

Introduction of our little Mashona Wokabi 

Ms red 580g at the moment correct

Ms salmon 530g multiple crowns

Mr dark green 530g at the moment correct

Mr dark blue 580g at the moment correct

Mr light green 530g at the moment correct

Ms lilac 530g at the moment correct

Ms yellow 480g at the moment correct

Mr black 510g at the moment correct

Mr reed 570 at the moment correct

Ms rose 520g at the moment correct

Ms light blue 520g at the moment correct

Mr purple 560g at the moment correct

Litterplaning 2021

Since nature has determined it differently than intended, we had to reschedule at short notice. We have just returned from successful mating. 
Aminalis and my chosen male is a beautiful, balanced representative of his breed. He impresses with his extraordinarily sweet nature and his self-confident, reliable manner. All these qualities make him a perfect match to our Aminali. The mating was instinctive and very harmonious.

I would like to thank Ingrid and Helmut who agreed to join our Machona E adventure at short notice and entrusted us with their Malik.

Dear Ingrid and Helmut, I am very much looking forward to our journey together.