Mashona Elethu Wokabi

Our first born stately red lady. You have developed into a very confident personality and will turn the lives of Corrado and Lara upside down. I will miss your gentle and beautiful expression. 

Mashona Enye Hila Wokabi

Our little pink princess, nimble, bubbly and cute, you always managed to get what you wanted. Your open and funny nature , have often made me laugh. You are loved and cared for by Babs & Freddy and will also turn their lives completely upside down. I look forward to hearing from you as well.

Mashona Elani Wokabi

Our garden girl. You were born into my hands and you chose our garden for it. There you were always to find little tornado. Nimble, curious and always with mischief in your neck you swept through the puppy room. You are a big task for Nicole to tame you and I am looking forward to hear your stories.

Mashona Enobakhare Wokabi

Bacu is what your new human friends Fabio & Nadja call you. You have always reminded me of Bukuru with your calm and confident manner. You have always been with me in action, but most of the time you have withdrawn and when I was around you got your cuddle time with me. I am already looking forward to seeing you again. 

Mashona Elon Din Wokabi

In the beginning you were always the big man dark blue with the star of his father on his chest. A real guy who knows exactly what he wants, but can also take himself back. You will make Rico very happy I know and we will hear a lot from you. 

Mashona Eno Wokabi

My little smart darling. A fine elegant male with a lot of energy and knows what he wants. Eagerly awaited by Dominik and Nadine, he will turn your world completely upside down. He is a little turbo speedster who will bring you sometimes to the edge of madness. I think and hope to hear a lot more from Eno. 

Mashona Enala Lilani Wokabi

Our Miss Thousand Volts. You wrote your own beautiful story and now live with your half sister Mashona Ciwana Injabulo and your whole family with Nadine and Christian, Vincent and Simon in beautiful Kanderthal .
Your energy, perseverance and your lightness have made you very special. I am very happy you have found a wonderful place in your family. 

Mashona Elikia Wokabi

You enrich the life of Angi & Marco and Leyla. Sometimes very funny and then again very gentle, so you show yourself to your environment. If somewhere something is going on, you are there. I am very happy for you, you will have a place in your new family, where you will be loved and also learn a lot. I am already looking forward to news from you.

Mashona Ekevu Moyo Wokabi

Our balanced and rather calm Mr. black. You have always behaved neutrally in the pack, but when your sisters have annoyed you, then you have cleared everything to the side. A wonderful home is waiting for you with Sandra, who is eagerly awaiting you. I am very happy to hear your stories 

Mashona Eze Amun Wokabi

Our Beau , the Dark Red Wheat of your mother Aminali has captivated everyone , also your family Viviane & Otti with the boys , have fallen in love with you from day one. You are a cheerful and open little man. If something did not suit you, you announced it loudly. You will come to your aunt Mashona Dara Madaha and learn a lot from her. I am already looking forward to hearing your stories.

Mashona Emani Wokabi

Or the wild Hilde. You have often brought me to the edge of madness. But for a long time I could not be angry with you when I looked into your beautiful face. Your elegance and beauty have also succumbed to your new family. With Sarah, Bertrand and the boys you will get a wonderful home. I am already looking forward to seeing you again.

Mashona Enyama Simba Wokabi

Our last born, leaves for his family Sue, Claude and the children in Ticino. You have shown yourself to be very bright and curious. When cuddling in the evening you always managed to lie on my arm and enjoy. I am very happy you make your family happy and will hear from you soon. 

Farewell and new beginning.....

8 intensive but wonderful weeks are behind us . Our Mashona Wokabi E-litter showed itself from the beginning, with Aminali's birth to the release, smoothly and without any complications. A litter like a picture book. 12 little personalities each in their own way. Open, curious and with a lot of spice, a good mix of Aminali and Maalik. I am glad and very grateful that Ingrid, Helmut and Maalik gave me their trust and went this way along with me. Also, you loved ones spared no effort and visited our beautiful offspring with Maalik and for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
I would also like to thank my dear friends Zuzana & Rolf, Viviane & Otti, Carole & Nicole, and all the others, without you all this would not have been possible.
Last but not least I would like to thank Thomas Kramer & Nicole Bloch with Mashona Bakari Zubayda , who with their photo effort and you dear Nicole with the Paracort ribbons the crowning conclusion of the litter sets.

Cross section of 8 wonderful weeks.....

It's time to report about our great Mashona Wokabis.
They have all developed wonderfully. Open, curious and very lively, they have shown themselves in these 8 weeks in their birthplace....

Our 2nd week ...

Our Mashona Wokabi‘s develop splendidly, there are barks and growls and howls like wolf pups.

They already can run, hide and everyone is looking out into the big wide world with its beautiful eyes. They are our little stars. Look for yourself how the pictures speak for themselves ...

The Mashona Wokabi in her first week

One week has passed and we can only report good things. The little ones are very agile and lively, they seal through the whelping box, drink and sleep and give loudly to understand who they are. Aminali is a very caring and wonderful mother. She shows different with this her litter than with the first one. Lovingly patient and with eagle eyes she watches over her 12 puppies. It is a real joy every day to see how the puppies are changing. I will continue to report week by week 

E- litter  Mashona Wokabi 23.06.2021

Introduction of our little Mashona Wokabi 

Ms red 580g at the moment correct

Ms salmon 530g multiple crowns

Mr dark green 530g at the moment correct

Mr dark blue 580g at the moment correct

Mr light green 530g at the moment correct

Ms lilac 530g at the moment correct

Ms yellow 480g at the moment correct

Mr black 510g at the moment correct

Mr reed 570 at the moment correct

Ms rose 520g at the moment correct

Ms light blue 520g at the moment correct

Mr purple 560g at the moment correct

Litterplaning 2021

Since nature has determined it differently than intended, we had to reschedule at short notice. We have just returned from successful mating. 
Aminalis and my chosen male is a beautiful, balanced representative of his breed. He impresses with his extraordinarily sweet nature and his self-confident, reliable manner. All these qualities make him a perfect match to our Aminali. The mating was instinctive and very harmonious.

I would like to thank Ingrid and Helmut who agreed to join our Machona E adventure at short notice and entrusted us with their Malik.

Dear Ingrid and Helmut, I am very much looking forward to our journey together.