B-Litter 2018

With great joy, I herewith announce my planning for the B-litter in spring 2018.




What are my thoughts as a breeder.


 As with my A-litter, health and character are the most important basic elements that form the basis for a new litter of healthy puppies. I was able to observe my young dogs for more than a year now, exchange with their owners, and take judicial comments here and there like "great mover representatives of the RR" (R. Seibel) or "well balanced" (M. Klopsch) and many more.


 It makes me proud and very happy to have done the right thing for us - Juliane and myself - with my gut and heart decision at the time.


 ... and we dare it again, with the full acceptance of what mother nature brings us this time.


 Dhakiya & Baka are still very close. When they meet, it is still pure harmony and so I follow my heart again.




If you are interested in a puppy from this promising mating, do not hesitate and contact me. I like to meet my future puppy parents in a personal conversation.


Farewell & New beginning

Mashona Bayo Nacho Zubayda

My little Mr. Blue, curious, waiting and then nevertheless with full throttle on everything new, that is how you go through life. In Winterthur you will lead an exciting life with Maite & Aike and the two Bengals. I will miss your funny way of making me laugh again and again.....  

Mashona Bomani Zubayda

My strong Mr. Green, longing and long awaited by Miriam and Rolf, you will probably never get bored and I am looking forward to reading what you are experiencing. I will miss the cuddling hours with you and the moments of laughter when you stormed through the group like a bulldozer while eating. A wonderful life in Ruemlang for you too... 

Mashona Bahiya Zubayda

My little pink princess, sweet as sugar with your look and expression you have enchanted everyone also Katja and Daniel who now may spoil you in Sigriswil. Bahiya, I'll miss your cheeky and upright manner.   

Mashona Bayala Zubayda

Bayala with your whirlwind character you are often swept around one or the other's nose. Your temper is a real challenge. I am very pleased that you are now presenting Doris and Gregor with a great task. I wish you a lively and interesting life and look forward to seeing you again.

Mashona Burhani Zubayda

As the heaviest and calmest you start your journey with Ruth and Miguel today. With your gentle nature you have cuddled deep into my heart. I am happy to continue to report about you. Take care, my gentle giant.  

Mashona Baako Zubayda


My little Mr. Black, my thinker and reasoner. Today you start your journey to beautiful Bern. I look forward to seeing you at Tamara's side and hope for beautiful stories from you two

Mashona Bashira Zubayda

Bold and always in a playful mood, you had your brothers and sisters under control here. I am very happy to see you with Astrid, Philip and Scubi to Kloten and develop yourself there. I'm gonna miss you already.   

Mashona Bakari Zubayda

Bakari, my smallest and most elegant male with the assertiveness of a lion. You also come to a beautiful place with Nicole& Thomas and your big friend Dario. My big cuddler, I'm glad you got a fantastic place and and you live very close to me.

Mashona Bilali Zubayda

My big, dark Bilali. Now you have found your new family, you can spend a wonderful life with Nici & Nici, the two children and Mila. I'm going to miss your stubbornness and your captivating looks very much. 

Mashona BongiNkosi Zubayda

My big brown cuddler, you get to travel the farthest. You are eagerly awaited by Raúl and Alba. You'll have a great RR friend Chaka, too. I wish you a wonderful life in Bella Italia and look forward to seeing you again soon.

Mashona Bishara Zubayda

My little red turbo bee. I've found you a great place where something's always going on. In Solothurn you can play with the children, hunt chickens and are loved by Norina & Lorenzo. I wish you an adventurous life.

Mashona Benya Kikuyu Zubayda

My Miss Orange, you travel to Belgium and turn the Smink family upside down. Happy I give you there. We have a long friendship and I am very curious about your future in the Kennel van de Eyssel Hoeve.

Ready to go...

Now the time has come, 10 special weeks are behind us. A challenge to prepare 12 small lively lion hunters for life.

To have the right hand in choosing the best puppy parents and to find out who suits whom.

An intense work that has often brought me to my limits. What would I have been without my friends who unconditionally wore me during this time. Mel, Arletta, Zuzana, Juli, Yvonna and Patricia, Miriam, Thomas, Nicole, Anja and Ruth .... Thank you with all my heart for your precious time and your helping hands. I can look back on a beautiful, healthy and very lively litter that could not have been better. 12 small wonders arose from a fantastic mating of my Dhakiya and Baka. Thank you Juli and Manuel for your exceptional male which will always be something special for me and has secured a great place in my heart. I am already looking forward to report about my 12 little Zubayda's ...

Dog's litter assessment by the RRCS

Today was the day when our puppies were inspected by the RRCS under the eyes of Yvonne Schönholzer's, the Head of the Breeding Board.  

The assessment went off without a hitch. The whole litter was described as beautiful, balanced and pure. Our little ones presented themselves very confident and calm, were interested in everything and also the cuddling with the lady of the club was not missed out. I am happy, proud and grateful.

Our first big ride...

Saint Peter had no mercy and so it rained easily again and again. But that didn't impress our puppies. As brave as little lions are, they all snuggled up to Laura in the car and we drove off. Everyone was curious and mastered everything with flying colors. On a large meadow they were allowed to explore freedom for the first time all by themselves. They were impressed and cautious. And afterwards also done by the many impressions. We adults let the day end comfortably. Thanks to all those who helped out. I look forward to further beautiful moments with you.

Put to the acid test...

Our 12 Mashona's Zubayda's have been medically checked and found to be healthy. All males have their masculinity, all dentures are fine and everything else is fine. The team of the practice Godenzi, who gave everything to bring our 12 treasures into life on the night of birth, were delighted to see our 12 little ones so healthy and beautiful again. With a cosy aperitif we let the evening end. Dogs like humans were happy and grateful. 

Time flies by like clockwork...

Much has happened again, and yes, something is going on here. The weather has improved and we can go outside much more. The whole garden, our adventure playground is at our disposal. We run, tussle, discover and fight. And today even our Pierot Godenzi and his team were with us. Of course we showed our best side but then he jabbed and chipped us and then we really got out of the bush. They had their joy. Soon, nothing will stand in the way of our great journey. We will continue to report...

First official photo session....

... and we 12 Mashona's were there. Our Thomas was here with lamps, canvas, umbrella and a lot of photo-technical stuff. 
Sitting still and making an even nicer face than we already have anyway was quite difficult for us. We'd rather go out at minus temperatures and play with Mommy. You can be curious about the result ....

A topheavy and eager to shop Sunday......

Today we humans had to listen carefully and be attentive. Anja the grandmother of our Mashona's taught us everything about nutrition with Reico, Anabel told us something about heat, false pregnancy and castration and Silvia made sure at the end that our human friends bought beautiful things for us.....

High visit

What a surprise! Our great-great-grandmother Brigitte from the Kennel Nahimana and Susanne visited us. Not only did they admire us, we were also fascinated by the things they brought with them. Bells that can be very loud, a floorboard on which we can let our musical vein flow and a swinging cuddle bag to relax. The day was beautiful and we all say thank you and nice you were there.......

Ice cold outside and energy charged power in the puppy room.......

We have been experiencing a lot lately, although it is bitterly cold outside, we dare to enter the front part of the garden several times a day. The rest of the snow is also thoroughly examined. 
There's no stopping inside. We're going full throttle. Whether in tunnels, with pet bottles or on our ramp, nothing is safe from us anymore. Also many visitors come to marvel at us.

Pogio Moiano (I), Winterthur (CH), Asberg (D) Visiting Kennel Mashona

To look into amazed, happy and expectant faces is a great gift for a breeder. On Sunday was the first day of the visit and people and dogs were filled with happiness. It was cuddled, admired and stroked....and everyone, whether big or small, went home with a warm and happy heart.
 As a responsible breeder I am happy to have found such promising puppy parents......

Changes and table manners.........

Again a few days have passed, but they have brought us a little bit further in the development of our puppies.


Besides the milk from Dhakiya, our lion hunters were allowed to taste puppy food for the first time. I am always amazed at how quickly they understand it. And it's civilized. They have also seen the first toys.



It's a pleasure to look at them and marvel at them and wonder how fast time is passing by to turn little lion hunters into big ones........



People and puppies in happiness.......

21 days old they are now, our 12 puppies and I can hardly express my happiness in words.
Starting with Dhakiya doing her job unconditionally. No claws or teeth are too sharp for her, she lays down again and again with her puppies to get them big and strong.
My diligent helpers Arletta, Melanie, Patricia, Zuzana and my mum, who are always there when I need them.
The puppy garden is taking shape, and Bernd's home-made ramp is top-notch. Mel's cake was delicious and the champagne was excellent.
I am looking forward to the further puppy time and to everything that comes.....

News from Camp of the 12

We grow and thrive, growling and fighting and becoming more beautiful every day. The development of individual characters is already emerging. While the girls briskly and vehemently storm the milk bar, the males take it rather relaxed. In the whole hustle and bustle Dhakiya is a very patient and loving mother ....  

A few days have passed ...

What's the latest from the litterbox of happiness???

Our 12 little Ridgies are already developing into little personalities. The puppies are already barking, growling and protesting loudly if it doesn't go fast enough. And as always, Dhakiya watches over her puppy flock very calmly and at ease.  

As to the weight, the kilogram limit has been broken and the leader with almost 1300 grams is our biggest pup, Mr. Brown. With blinking, the ladies were at the front. Miss White was in a hurry to look at where she is now. All the others will follow in the next few days.

Yesterday, they were dewormed, and they must endure this too to stand up to life strongly and resistant.

The 12 small miracles touch my heart every time I look at them, so that sleepless nights, mountains of laundry and endless eyebags-rings be soon forgotten ....

The Girl's & Boy's

Almost a week done ....

A few days have passed and we had to settle in first.

I can tell you how agile and alive the whole gang is, so heartwarming is watching them all day long. They put on weight very well and Dhakiya does her job as a mother exemplary.
 Miss Red turns out to be more and more Gianna Nannini when she robs to mother's milk with her smoky voice. Mr. Black, our acrobat, makes all gymnastic exercises possible to get to the teat.
They are simply wonderful and each in their own way something very special!

On the third day at the Mashona Zubayda....


Zubayda is Swahili (spoken in East Africa, Kenya, Tanzania) and means "the best of all" and these are the 12 little Ridgies!


We arrived on the third day after birth. Everyone is doing well and Dhakiya just makes her job as a mother exemplary, cleans and nurses the puppies, sleeps and with all the wonderful impressions, a tear of emotion at times is shed. Such a litter is a gift!


Yet a much bigger gift is to have such valuable friends, interested and patient puppy parents and, most importantly, a stud dog owner who is always there when you need her.


"Thank you" I would like to say to my helper team at birth, namely Juliane, Melanie, Zuzana, Arletta - you were great!! My mom, who spoiled us with treats. Albi, who is currently taking care of Chidima. Thomas and Nicole, who provided with patisserie for sugary recovery. Pia, who let flowers speak and my Patricia, who helps me with the translations.


This is how it works, that it will be an unforgettable time. But now I let pictures speak for themselves…


Yours, Anabel

Individual introduction of the Mashona Zubayda


at this time correkt 536 g


at this time correkt 520 g


at this time correkt 560 g

Female RED

at this time correkt 517 g


at this time correkt 573 g

Female ROSE

at this time correkt 483 g


at this time correkt 497 g

Female White

at this time correkt 514 g


at this time correkt 530 g


at this time correkt 590 g


at this time correkt 485 g


at this time correkt 540 g

Dhakiya and her pregnancy.....

Yeah, now we're almost there! We look back on 63 beautiful days, days full of satisfaction, snuggling moments, amazement puppy movements and very happy and curious future puppy owners. 

Juli came with Papa Baka, aunt Asali and Grandma Akima for the future puppy parents to meet Papa Baka. Some people are amazed how handsome and powerful such a full grown dog can be. Thank you very much for being here, Juli to meet our future puppy owners. 

Dhakiya has mastered her weight-wise heavy pregnancy very well. She still walks with us on our strolls and won't let anything disturb her. 
The puppy paradise is ready and my midwives team is in the starting blocks.
 We will contact you again if there are smacky puppy noises, and a satisfied self-contained Mama Dhakiya.
Best, Anabel