Our 10 wonderful Puppys

Mashona Dhima Madaha

My firstborn. A strong, brave little lady. Her expression has captivated everyone. She can join Manuela and Vinc in the beautiful Reckingen, where she is eagerly awaited by Baghera. I will miss your cuddling sessions with me.

Mashona Djamila Madaha

Our smallest turbo rocket. Everyone melted at her sight. Bold and cheeky have you kept the pack in check. You weren't afraid of anything. You can grow up in a wonderful family in Rubigen who has been waiting for you for a long time. I embrace you in my thoughts.

Mashona Dini Kiano Madaha

Our handsome beau. You too will go your way with Tanja and Leonie in beautiful Marthalen. Interested, cheerful and with a lot of verve you have moved in the pack. If your way is destined as we would like it to be, we will read a lot about you. Goodbye little man, I will miss you too.

Mashona Danyo Madaha

Our Mister blue, a small impressive male. Calmly waiting and nevertheless always ready if there was action somewhere. You were eagerly expected by Andrea and Thomas and now you will live in the beautiful Valais. I will miss your cuddly and relaxed nature very much.

Mashona Delali Madaha

Fearless, interested and always in the pack, that’s the way you moved around in the group. Your way leads you to a great and very lively family in Giswil. You will be allowed to develop yourself there and your curiosity will know no bounds. Take care, magic bean, I miss you already.

Mashona Dara Madaha

My little red Ferrari. In the beginning you were the smallest and enchanted everyone with your beautiful face. Cheekily lively and yet very people-oriented, that’s how you moved in the pack.

You get a wonderful home in Arlesheim, in a big family, which is eagerly waiting for you. I wish you much love, soon I will see you again.

Mashona Dinari Madaha

My Miss pink with the expressive face. You were from the beginning a beautifully curious and very interested bitch. I have always loved your open nature. Your new family with the boys and Sue in Wattenwil can hardly wait to take you in their arms. Now I wish you a wonderful life and I can be curious to see how you will be doing.

Mashona Dahoma Madaha

Also called Little Lewis, the biggest and grandest male of the litter. Everyone who has seen you has fallen for you. Your impressive head, your strength and your beauty has captivated everyone. You are going to Kati and her daughters in Beringen to a wonderful home, where you can grow up and become strong. I will miss you.

Mashona Daima Nāpali Madaha

Yearned for, born and infinite love. My little Mister green. Bright, sensitive, cautious and observant, those are your qualities. You are something very special, coming into a big home in Niedermuhlern to Kathleen, Alex and the many horses and cats. I wish you all a lot of fun and a wonderful life. I am deeply connected with you.

Mashona Dia Mayasa Madaha

Has been the dog my heart is beating for since the first moment and has remained like this until now. You may prove your courage, your love and your fearless nature here at home with your mother and sister. You are going to read a lot about this bright little personality.

Papa Lewis besucht uns....

Unsere 8 Woche ist angebrochen und ein Highlight jagt das andere. Wir konnten es fast nicht glauben aber unser Papa Lewis ist zu Besuch gekommen mit seiner ganzen Familie. Wir hatten alle eine tolle und sehr intensive Zeit. Fast alle Welpeneltern waren da um unseren wunderschönen Papa kennen zu lernen. Ich durfte mich revanchieren und Leonie, Jacco und Jason Schaffhausen zeigen mit unserem imposanten Rheinfall. Wir nutzen die Zeit auch um unsere Welpen ins rechte Licht zu rücken. Leonie hat einen fantastischen Job gemacht und unsere Welpen fotografiert. Danke ihr Lieben Niederländer, wart ihr da und habt mit uns eine tolle Zeit verbracht, we are Family ♥️

Action in week 7…

We are getting wilder by the day, more and more courageous and have quite significantly raised our energy level. A lot has happened. Our puppy parents could finally get to know each other at the occasion of a information Sunday in the house Mashona. It was an incredible joy for all of us. The feeding habits have slightly changed as we are learning to bite. Nothing is safe from us anymore in the garden but the highlight is that our daddy Lewis came to visit us together with his family.


It was wonderful, everybody now knows who their new parents are going to be and Leonie put us in the perfect light with her photographing skills.

Next week will be really exciting, we promise. But more about that later…

We’re going at full throttle…

Our 6th week is over and we have changed a lot. Our senses are sharper, our movements quicker and many trousers or persons have been wondering about our teeth. Everything is being tested but we are always forgiven because we are so cute but see for yourselves...

We start into the 5th week

Garden party, brawling, playing and sleeping are the order of the day. We are growing, want to eat all the time and get a lot of visitors to cuddle with. Everyone is so kind, brings us presents and spoils our Anabel with culinary highlights, flowers, chocolate and much more. Enjoy watching how we grow and develop from day to day

Whitsunday with open doors

We are in our 4th week and now it was time to satisfy the curiosity of the future puppy parents. Whether big or small, all eyes lit up

and were amazed when they saw us. We could welcome our visit in the

garden, in the middle of our puppy paradise. Meanwhile we are ready to brawl, discover and cuddle. And the most beautiful thing is: as

of recently Mama Dhakiya and big sister Aminali share the job of

sweetening our lives. Mother and daughter suckle our D litter


I have not seen so much love and affection for a long time.

It was a very nice Whitsunday with the world's best puppy parents,

who not only help a lot but also take care of our culinary

well-being. Thank you, thank you, thank you …

The third week…


Many thanks for your inquiry. Fortunately, we have already found wonderful puppy parents for our Madaha litter. I will be happy to consider your request for our future litter plans 2021 and look forward to hearing from you.


Again a lot has happened at the Mashona Madaha’s in the Casa Gomez.

The movements become more coordinated, they see more and all of them have teeth by now. It is an indescribable joy to watch them discover their small world. At Whitsunday the garden will be opened and the first visitors will come. Our interior has changed and has been enlarged. We have gotten a swing as well as a sleeping bag where several of us can sleep together. We gradually develop our own personalities but have a look yourself...

The Madaha’s in the second week


Our second week is over and a lot has happened. Some uf us started opening our eyes already on the 7th day. Our claws were trimmed 4 times and we also had to endure the first worm cure. Our big sister Aminali was also already allowed to sniff at us and we are very busy exploring what is happening outside of our litter box. We do not lack anything, we are getting spoilt and receive tons of love. 


The first week is behind us


Our fist week is over. We sleep, drink and crawl still deaf and blind through our litter box. Our Mama Dhakiya provides us with everything we need and throughout the day we get loads of cuddles. Life is beautiful, it can go on like this.


Introduction of our little Mashona Madaha Born 01.05.2020

Mrs. yellow 410g at the moment correct

Mrs. orange 350g at the moment correct

Mr. mint 410g at the moment correct

Mr. royal blue 390 g at the moment correct

Mrs.purple 340g at the moment correct

Mrs. red 340g at the moment correct

Mrs rose 550g at the moment correct

Mr. light green 620g at the moment correct

Mr. green 560g at the moment correct 

Mrs. sky blue 500g at the moment correct

A very warm welcome to Mashona D-Litter

01.05 2020 and our happiness has a name:

         Madaha (graceful, dignified)


We are on cloud nine that our tiny lion hunters have finally arrived – even though they have chosen a stormy and rainy night for their birth.

We are delighted about 10 healthy and gorgeous little Ridgebacks – even if 4 of them seem to have been partying so much in the belly that they were lying slanted and had requested a “special transport” from the vet. Dear Leonie and dear Jacco I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for entrusting us with your magnificent Lewis for Dhakiya’s last litter. A big thank you to my helping birth angels on site, Zuzana, Kathrin, Norina, Laetitia and Kathleen. Also, to those who were on stand-by in the background day and night: thank you from all my heart.

This litter is something very special for me and all my expecting puppy parents. Thank you, beloved ones, for your trust in Dhakiya and Lewis and of course also in me.


We are now looking forward to a wonderful and intensive puppy time and would like to thank all of you, who were looking forward to this special litter of little Madaha’s with us.



Many thanks for your inquiry. Fortunately, we have already found wonderful puppy parents for our Madaha litter. I will be happy to consider your request for our future litter plans 2021 and look forward to hearing from you.



Pregnancy Impressions...

A very nice and quiet time lies behind us. We have been able to do a lot of things, like setting up the litter camp, washing terrycloth and stuffed animals, preparing for homeopathy, keeping in touch with our puppy parents and so on....
Zuzana our breeder-grandma was busy crocheting cotton collars and taking care of my Dhakiya and Aminali while I was still doing my last night services.
Now it is still 6 days and everybody is feverishly looking forward to it. The new puppy parents practice their patience, send delicious food packages, write cards, bring treats for the expecting mother and already now they are putting up a tent plan in my garden to see who will stay where overnight. With culinary catering, school lessons and home office ....
You are all wonderful, grateful and patient. I am looking forward to our Mashona trip together.
Now we have to wait and enjoy the peace and quiet, which will soon be over when our D-litter sees the light of day...

Joy is coming, our D-litter is on the way...

We are happy happy happy...
In this sad time, where fear, insecurity and uncertainty arise, also beautiful and very happy moments are coming along. Today's ultrasound of our Dhakiya has put a smile on our faces again. 
At the end of April, we can look forward to our big D-litter. We are happy that the connection between Dhakiya and Lewis worked out so well. 
I will report about Dhakiyas gestation period with pleasure. Thanks you all, who have supported us and are having their fingers crossed for us.
Leonie, I am so happy about our connection and about what is coming in the near future. Soon, we will sit together in the whelping box and will be happy about our puppies. 

Litter Planning Spring 2020

i proudly present

Life is like a box of chocolates 
Sometimes you have to change your mind for the good of our companions in order to reach a new goal.  Our new destination are the descendants of Taonga Dhakiya Buniwa of Mashona & Njia Jamaa Grand Lewis from the Netherlands. Lewis lives together with one male and 2 children in his family. He is a wonderful companion and inspires with his friendly and lively nature all who meet him. He is besides his beautiful appearance, healthy in every respect. From this very beautiful combination I hope for bone-strong, healthy and beautiful offspring in the standard. Thank you dear Leonie and Jacco for your trust in Dhakiya and me.


Honeymoon in the Netherlands

After a rapidly rise in progesterone levels, we set off to visit Lewis and his family in Zwolle. Our trip lasted 10 hours but we were all rewarded for that. Dhakiya and Lewis spent 3 intimate days and hours. Also we came at our expense. Besides wonderful walks, an ice sculpture exhibition and a visit to the old town of Zwolle we had a great time. Now we have to practice patience and cross our fingers if our mating will bear fruit. A big thank you goes to Leonie and her family, who welcomed and spoiled us most heartily. Thank you also dear Zuzana for your company and support. Our Dhakiya enjoys spending time with us. Thank you also to all those who are in the background and are as happy and excited as we are. In 4 weeks we will report again ....

Dhakiya & Lewis by Leonie Huitema