Farewell and new beginning

With a lot of joy in my heart I now let our little Mashona Jendayi's move on. The time with you little miracles was marked by a lot of love, curiosity and confidence. Each of you is something very special. 

To you, the puppy parents, I wish you all the best. I have done everything possible to match you with your very own raw diamond. It is now up to you to cut your raw diamond with a lot of love, patience and trust in order to have a beautiful diamond solitaire in time to come. 

I am looking forward to a thrilling and exciting time with all of you.
Thank you for your trust.


Mashona Akia Ayo Jendayi


The first puppy born was Missy Rosa. Akia Ayo, fearless, daring and never tired, that is how I describe my little "Terror Heidi". She was and remains our little whirlwind in our group of 8. She has found a wonderful home with Peggy, Frank and their children  in the municipality of Benken (CH).

Mashona Amira Jendayi



Gentle and sweet as her mother Dhakiya, that is how I have witnessed her the whole time. She is curious and open-minded and ready when she has to join the group. Amira, the gentle sunshine in our group of 8 has found a beautiful place to live with Antje and Günther in Rheinhausen (DE).

Mashona Aminali Jendayi




Among the females of the Mashona group, the bone strength and robust Missy Red is called Aminali. There always needs to be action, she is fearless and curious and has been lucky to stay at the Mashona kennel with her mother Dhakiya, Chidima and Usoni. I hope that I can strive to improve our breed and pedigree with her in the future.

Birth of the Mashona A-Litter 15. February 2016

Mashona Amana Jendayi



Our maskless, full in colour and sleek beauty Amana is always ready to take part in any action. Fast like a whirlwind but still cautious to new things, she conquers everyone's heart. She has moved to Pia and Viva to the beutiful area of Dortmund (DE) and is having a good time. 

Mashona Adebayo Jendayi




Our first boy of our group of 8, Mr. Blue is as cool as a cucumber and impresses with his calm and gentle manners. Already today he is of a very majestic and beautiful appearance. He reminds me a lot of his grandfather Bukuru and also came after his father Baka. Adebayo is living with and loved by Celine and Lars in the beautiful municipality of Laupen(CH). 

Mashona Ayira Jendayi


Our little yellow beauty Ayira impresses with her white socks and her facial expression. Ayira was my little, calm and gentle puppy who has now a wonderful home with Laetizia and Christophe, Rayya and Pixel in the town of Sierre in the Canton of Wallis (CH).

Mahona Akello Jendayi



Our Mr. Green never misses a trick, a fighter and always in the mood for a prank but also very cautious and a fast learner. Akello comes a lot after his father Baka and is now living with Alexandra and Thomas in the beautiful Canton of Schwyz (CH). 


Mashona Armani Jendayi



Our Beau, Mr. Black of our litter of 8. As a young pup he was very graceful and elegant but in the meantime has developed into a puppy with a more compact and harmonic body. He impresses with his beautiful head and facial expression. Amani is living now in the beautiful town of Frankfurt (DE) with his buddy Yeboha and with Martina, Joachim.

It all began during the night,in the early hours of 15. February 2016. Dhakiya brought 8 little lion-hunters into this world within 6 1/2 hours. The birth turned out to be  completely without any complications and with instinctive confidence and safeness. We are overjoyed aboud our 3 strong male puppies and 5 strong female puppies . My wholehearted thanks go to Zuzana, Melanie and Martin who stood by my side supportively during that special night, which was so special for me.

I would also  like to thank  from the bottom of my heard all the people who send best wishes by mail, facebook, telephone and watsup. Many of them  who know me well, know what the Mashona A- litter means to me.

Who is Who...

Meet the Puppys!

13 Week the development of the Mashona's

Stories from our yet common daily life...

11 week

Slowly it is quiet in the Casa Gomez. Few puppys are still there and others are already in their new families. Until now, all from our  Mashona Jendayi's make it super and Juliane and me are very proud. Also we get every day a report that we have chosen the best puppy owners to each one of you. Here you can see a few photos from the completly pack ...

10 week

Wild, wilder and wildest.... that was our motto in the 10th week. There was a lot going on, the visit of our friends of the kennel Vumbuo was thrilling. We have shown the 2 weeks elder buddies how it is done properly. And afterwards we have shared food and our whelping box with them. Also, our Juli, Manuel and Anja have been here and a lot of other visitors, we have fully enjoyed the attention but see for yourselves and take a look...



9 Week

Oh, it was really exciting....
Everybody wants to see us and of course we don't have anything against that. There was even a nice man here.....we thought he was nice until he opened his case and then vaccinated and chipped us. We were brave and all of us put up with it with dignity and pride. You should have seen our new tin- openers, oh they were so excited, because it is slowly getting serious and we will soon be able to move into our new homes.
Our father Baka came to visit us today too and we all went on a trip. First of all we drove together with Saskia in the boot of the car through our village and then we were allowed to run around and play on a a big green field, but always within the circle of our pack members.
So enjoy the photos until the next time.- -


8 Week

...and so with us it's full speed ahead. From today we are 8 weeks old and you just can't stop us. Everything is fortified in case we try to escape. Our litter camp is like Alcatraz. We have developed enormously and are now real little dogs. Our daily routine is spent mostly in the garden running around and fighting, and our trampolin is being well used.

Also little people visited us. We were merciful and retreated a little bit. Ema cuddled us a lot and Rico conquered our adventure playground with us.
Our father's owner, Juliane, was here again today and was completely delighted with us. We too are looking forward to her coming again and also to seeing our Manuel again.
So enjoy the photographs. We are looking forward to telling you next time about this week. 


7 Week

We are into our 7th. week and it has been all go here. Now we know our way about in the garden very well.
Then we had visitors, more visitors and even more visitors. It was enjoyable biting into everybody's toes, pinching them in other places and they weren't even angry with us. Easter monday was the highlight. They nearly all came to have a look at what beautiful things they could buy for us. Silvia von Hund gave a talk and then we slipped away to strengthen ourselves for playing in the garden in the afternoon. They were quite amazed at how we run around and scuffle or just simply lie in the sun. Just have a look yourselves....... 


6 Week

Yet another week has passed, a week full of new adventures, action and fun.
We were allowed to go and conquer our front garden .Also we could go and sniff around Usoni and Chidima at last. However they weren't as delighted as our new owners, who were at last allowed to visit us.
Our time here is getting more and more exciting and we can hardly wait until we can have the whole garden at our disposal. 


5 Week

Our 5th. week has begun and meanwhile some things have been happening.  We have learned to eat and every day we clean our bowls until they are shining.
Our mother Dhakiya still nurses us bravely and regularly, even although we all have little sharp teeth. At the weekend our first families were already here to give their opinion of us and to stroke and admire us. They all melt with pleasure when they see us and can hardly wait to visit us again.
Apart from that we look around our surroundings more and more and go on voyages of discovery. We are all eager to experience what will happen next week and are wondering if we can go outside soon to explore our adventure playground.

4 Week

Yet again another week has gone by and we can say that it is slowly beginning to be all go. We can now see a lot more, are getting our teeth and are already much safer on our legs. When we are awake and not just hanging on mother's milkbar, we scuffel and fight. We growl, bark and pull our brothers' and sisters' ears.

So slowly we have become little dogs. We also had to put up with a course of worm- treatment, but that just has to be if we want to be strong and healthy.

Our people friends Arletta, Daniel, Rahel, Juliane and Anabel were also busy yesterday building up our adventure playground, so that we can take it by storm from next week onwards.

The last fine details will be done next weekend and then it will all be finished.

Untill then we are going to stay a bit longer in the warmth and enjoy cuddeling up in the warm nest.

3. Week

Last week we experienced a lot. Suddenly our life has become brighter. We have all opened our eyes and we can now hear far away our people friends and our mother when she barks around the house and surroundings in order to protect us all.

Every day we can walk a bit better even although we are still wobbly. Our mother often takes time off from us, but then our aunt Chidima comes very close to us at the litter box. Our claws are cut regulary and so  slowly we are becoming real little lion hunters.

Last weekend we had visitors. One of our midwives our dear Melanie was able to be really cuddled by us in length and our Juliane had a realy strong yearning for us.

So now enjoy the photos until the next time...

2. Week

A week has gone by and a lot has happenend. We have grown, are more active and can now barke and growl. But most importently we have a wonderful mother who protects and looks after us.


The highlight at the weekend was our special visitors Juliane and Manuel, the owners of our father Baka and his breeder and our grandma Anja.


Just imagine, she brought little lions for all of us, which we are allowed to kill, when we are big enough to do so. They caressed and kissed us. They just could not go away from us. We all had a super day together and hope that they will come again soon.


Martin too looks after us completeley and when he comes to us into the box, we can cuddle into his strong arms and sleep.


So, enjoy the photos. We will be in touch with news in Week 3.

1. Week

16.February 2016

Our first days began well. After we had got used to  our new surroundings, our Juliane, who is the owner of our father Baka, paid us a visit. Oh, she just cuddled and squeezed us. However we managed everything bravely. We gain weight daily and our  mother Dhakiya looks after us very movingly. We are pleased that you can share our happiness. The officials of the RRCS club came by to inspect the situation. We were praised and admired. Nothing  remained undiscovered. We managed everthing brilliantly.