Farewell and new beginning

Now it's time to say goodbye. 8 wonderful, emotional, exciting, exciting and grateful weeks are behind us. On April 13, 2023, Aminali presented us with 10 little Niaras, which were eagerly awaited by everyone. A beautiful harmonious litter with strong personalities.
I would like to express my deepest gratitude to my hard-working helpers. Without you Zuzana, Patricia Ch., Nicole, Andrea, Patricia K., Claude & Silvia and everyone else, our Niara trip would not have worked so well.
Now you are moving into the wide world with your little darling and I wish you all the best and a very long life together.

Mashona Farah Rani Niara

Aminalis Firstborn Eye Star. You, who was there always and everywhere, be it fighting or cuddling. Rani, as Zuz will call you in the future, you also crept into her heart and made the impossible possible. You move to the birthplace of your grandmother Dhakiya and turn Zuz's life upside down. I am overjoyed and very excited about what we will do.

Mashona Faraja Niara

You entered this world in a deep dark colour, a very special bitch, oh yes and it has remained that way to this day. Your strong nature, your fearlessness and your irrepressible curiosity have persuaded me to keep you and I know you will give me a big task. I look forward to our journey together.

Mashona Freya Imani Niara

Our delicate lady lilac. Your start in life was a bit bumpy and because of that we both spent some time together. But then there you were . Friendly, funny and with a tremendous fighting spirit. I knew I can and will only give you to people who are close to my heart and I found them for you. Nadja and Pascal have been expecting you for a long time and are now incredibly looking forward to life with you. Take care little bean for me you are always something very special.

Mashona Farida Suki Niara

My little red smart lady. You enchanted everyone with your lively, courageous and very open-minded manner. You were the smallest of the girls, but if something was going on somewhere, you were always right in the middle. Your distinctive mark on the nose, a small ridge, makes you something very special. Have a beautiful life with Evelyne and Miles.

Mashona Fulumirani Niara

My beautiful handsome Mr. Dark Blue. Your strong nature, your curious presence and your fearlessness often made me smile. You move into a new life with Barbara and meet two wonderful buddies. Bon voyage my big . I hope to hear a lot more from you.

Mashona Fino Dembe Niara

You started life at full speed. Curious and open to everything. You could melt everyone with your innocent look and often drive me to the brink of madness. Dembe you share your life with two purring cats and you will turn the lives of your human friends upside down. Yes, I will miss you too.

Mashona Faro Bulawayo Niara

Our smallest beautiful Mr. Reed. If anyone could cuddle, it was you. Open to every human and animal and always present. You have a strong personality, you know what you want and you will make your family very happy, I know that. I already miss you my little man.

Mashona Fashani Nala Niara

Miss light blue everybodys
Darling. With your dark beady eyes and your beautiful red colour, you have taken every heart by storm. As the biggest of the bitches, you were always right in the middle. Fearless but also expectant, that's how you showed yourself. You will one day become your aunt Bashira's best friend and keep Astrid and Philip on their toes. I look forward to seeing you again.

Mashona Fabayo Nguvu Niara

My handsome Mr. Light Green. In the beginning you were as calm and imposing as a rock in the surf. Your beautiful ebony color cast a spell on everyone. Our dreams and desires lie in your future. You will have a wonderful life with Silvia and Claude and hopefully we will hear and read a lot more from you.

Mashona Fola Amali Niara

Miss pink . Aminali's last-born tender daughter. A little diva who knows how to please. You showed yourself to be friendly and open to people and dogs. When it got too much for you, you withdrew. You enchanted Jasmine and Luca with your very beautiful face and me, even when it came to calming you down at night, you were always the first on my lap. Farewell little lady, as Aminali's last daughter, you will always be special to me.

8 weeks and soon they are moving out

This week has been tough and packed. First Thomas (photographer) visited us and set up the photo backdrop in the garden this time. Our little wild ones could hardly be stopped and we humans sweated a lot.
Then the vet team came to chip and vaccinate and to put us through our paces.
Then we drove with them in the car and later they were allowed to run and explore on a large green meadow. It was so beautiful for humans and dogs and puppies. Then litter inspection with Nicole Neukomm from the RRCS, they also mastered that with flying colors and only showed themselves from their best side…..

7 weeks and a lot of visitors

Now we really step on the gas. When our puppy parents come, they really show what they can do. The entire garden is taken over. I set them up a dog pool with a water fountain and they are not impressed. Our bell band is also hanging and you could think Altdorf would have a new church. I'll let the pictures do the talking...

6 weeks and many changes

The Niara's continue to grow and develop. Since they are so wild and boisterous, they now get 5 x food including wet meals (meat). They give everything for that. Aminali is enjoying the break in her role as a mother.
Pentecost Sunday and everyone is at Casa Gomez. The puppy parents get to know each other, there are lectures about the right food for me, castration and heat and everyone finds out which little Niara he gets .......

5 weeks we are young

Our Niaras are growing and thriving. They got their baby teeth, which they use to bite their siblings' ears. They also discovered the garden for themselves full of enthusiasm and joy. Everyone is developing their very own personality. You may be curious how it goes on...

happy 4 week


A lot is going on in the 4th week, the throwing camp is being changed and enlarged, a swing and a sleeping bag are available and are being discovered and used without fear.

Puzzle mats are tried out and they get their first puppy porridge. First as individual feeding, then at the feed bar. Our collars also had to be changed as we grow and grow. But see for yourself

Let's go into the third week,

Life is slowly coming into the house. We are getting faster and faster, are more and more hungry and are slowly discovering our puppy room. It is also important when Grandma Dhakiya and Aunt Mayasa visit us in the morning. They sniff us and Mayasa even wants to play with us but that's too early. We'll keep you posted on what's going on...

The Niara's in their 2nd week

 You are now 2 weeks old and have already experienced a lot.  Your nails have already been cut twice, at 9 days the first opened their eyes and got a completely different expression as a result.

 You also had to endure your first worming treatment, which I think you managed very well.  You practice running and what works great is your nose.  You can very well distinguish who is coming to your throw camp.

 Grandma Dhakiya and Aunt Mayasa visit and snuggle with you every day now and your Mama Aminali is totally fine with that.  It remains exciting and we are already looking forward to reporting further news…..

Our first week...

Yes, our first week is over and we are developing splendidly. Everyone who sees us in pictures is delighted. Wait, you haven't seen us live yet. We sleep, drink and put a smile on our Anabel's face. Manicures and pedicures have also been done to us, although we didn't enjoy them that much and out of protest we bet a real pile on our grandma. She wasn't that happy. So dears enjoy the pictures we'll get back to you.

Mashona F- Wurf Niara

Full of gratitude and happiness I welcome our F-litter NIARA - of high aim (Swahili) is the name of our 10 beautiful Aminali & Thambo puppies. In a very calm, relaxed and safe birth they were given to us today. We would like to thank all new puppy owners and dear people who were happy with us. Now we are looking forward to an exciting and lively puppy time.

Presentation of our little Niara`s



Mrs Orange 490 g at this moment correct



Mrs Yellow 510 g at this moment  correct



Mrs Lilac 540 at this moment correct



Mrs Red 420 g at this moment correct



Mr Dark Blue  570 g at this moment correct



Mr Dark Green 450 g at this Moment correct



Mr Reed 590 g at this moment correct



Mrs Light Blue 530 g at this moment correct



Mr Light Green 510 g at this moment correct



Mrs  Pink 460 g at this moment  correct