C-Litter 2019

Sun, garden and happy faces....

We start into our 5th week and an exciting time begins for everyone. Each of our puppies has found his forever home and I am happy and very grateful to have found such responsible owners. The little Mashona Injabulo puppies are conquering the garden and there is no stopping anymore. Everything is thoroughly inspected and tried out. They are not afraid of anything.
The new owners can hardly believe their luck to finally see youthem, pet them and cuddle with them. I am very happy to have 6 puppies go in a home that have a Mashona A, Mashona B or had an offspring of my Bukuru. Now the time is running for me, appointments are made, puppy folders are prepared and many questions are answered. But now we first let pictures speak...



The wild 13th in the fourth week.......

And again the little treasures are one week older. Every day I can see new progress. It is trudged, explored and everything tried out even if it is forbidden. I have enlarged the puppy room to give them the opportunity to accelerate even more. From the next weekend the first puppy parents will come to marvel at the little ones, yes and you can marvel that now if you look at the pictures.



Our third week is over....

Yes, at the moment there is a lot to report. We are growing, we are hungry, our teeth are pushing through and our Mama Aminali is not very excited when we storm to her. In order to relieve her, we now get our pap of dog dry food pellets that we're killing with ravenous appetite. We also run around, sometimes still wavering but more and more safely on our legs. We are more agile and in between we're going full throttle...

The Injabulo's in the second week.....

We grow and thrive have opened all our eyes. The world appears to us as in the fog sometimes a little bright and dark again. We can growl and bark and have claws like lions. Our mum is the best and provides us with love, warmth and her precious milk. We will continue to report about us but now we let pictures speak first of all.


Our first week we have managed.....

Yes, what can I say that my heart rises every time I lie in front of the whelping box and watch the 13 little miracles grow and thrive. Forgotten is the sleep deficit, cold food because I forget from all the happy moments that I wanted to eat something. Mountains of laundry and the mop that is always ready. 
The Mashona Injabulo are developing wonderfully. Aminali is a very careful and very calm and patient mother. She is trustful towards her mother Dhakiya and often lets Dhakiya watch over her puppies. Now I am happy to show you some photos from our first week....

Individual imagination of our Puppys

Female pink

Time of birth 08:10

Weight 528 g


Female  yellow

Time of birth 08:24

Weight 480 g


Male light blue

Time of birth 08:39

Weight 550 g

at this time correct

Male black

Time of birth 08:54

Weight 585 g

at this time correct

Female orange

Time of birth 09:01

Weight 530 g

at this time correct

Male brown

Time of birth 09:25

Weight 519 g

at this time correct

Female red

Time of birth 10:38

Weight 504 g

at this time correct

Male blue

Time of birth 12:03

Weight 563 g


Female bordeaux

Time of birth 14:58

Weight 522 g

at this time correct

Female white

Time of birth 15:03

Weight 471 g


Male mint

Time of birth 16:52

Weight 450 g


Female violet

Time of birth 17:46

Weight 507 g

at this time correct

Female dark green

Time of birth 18:03

Weight 603 g

at this time correct

The wild 13th have arrived

Overjoyed, grateful and very proud I would like to welcome our Mashona C-litter. After an 11 hour birth, which our Aminali mastered independently, they are finally here, our 5 bouncing males and 8 lovely bitches. A big, agile and very healthy strong litter. Instinctive and very calm, our Aminali gave birth to all her puppies in a natural way after an initial weak contraction. Not only did they enchant us, but also the whole team of Schäubles Tierklinik, who took care of us touchingly and with a lot of enthusiasm. A big thank you to all of you. 


15. March, the number 15 has become magical for us, our A litter was born on 15.02.2016 and our B litter on 15. 01.2018 and again it is the number 15 who welcomes our C litter. 


Now I sit here in front of a filled litter box with a very satisfied, quiet and happy Aminali, hear the smacking, beeping and crawling and my name for my C litter has fallen. 




Injabulo (the feeling of Happiness)




We will report diligently about our 13 treasures in the next days, but first of all we have to rest and recharge our batteries for the coming time. 


We would like to thank Silke very much, who cheered along with Dad Max and is very happy for us. Melanie, Zuzana, Nicole, Tanja, Patricia and Karin who were indispensable as helpers, the whole team of Schäubles Tierklinik and of course our future puppy parents who cheered with us and are now very much looking forward to their future family member. 




Now we have it in black and white....

Aminali & Max become parents. We are very happy about our C -litter, which is born around March 16th. 

Litter Plan Spring 2019

Mashona's C -litter goes online........ 
We have found our beautiful Mr. Right for our Aminali. Max, as he is affectionately called by Silke, is a strong, healthy and handsome young male. He lives in a good and stable pack with males and females together, is balanced and for me the best match to my youngest female Aminali. From this mating I expect to have healthy puppies that are stable in nature and standard.
If you are interested in this promising mating, I am looking forward to hearing from you. I like to get to know my future puppy parents early.